Orange bowl it is

Dec. 7, 2008

(7:55 p.m.): Before FOX went on the air, BK addressed the 400 or so fans who found their way into 5/3 tonight. He said:

"For those who went to Birmingham for the bowl last year, great place, but you're not going back there this year.

And if you're wearing International Bowl gear, we're not going there either."

Instead, it's the Orange Bowl vs. Virginia Tech.

More to come..

Some quotes:

From BK: "From day one, the goal has been the same. It's to win the Big East championship and to get a chance to play in a BCS bowl game. We got a chance to see that tonight. We're really proud of that. This football team has shown all year that they play games to win. If you stayed up until 3:15 a.m. - and I don't know why you would - you could see that they love to play."

From Tony Pike: "For me, it means a lot. Growing up a Cincinnati guy and seeing the history of this football program from where you bought basketball season tickets and they just gave you football season tickets, just to see the attendance and the turnout on a Sunday night, it's definitely great to see. The buzz around this city is huge.

It's one thing to get to the BCS game, now you want to go down there and win."

From Connor Barwin (and this is why we love talking to Connor Barwin): "I've never been to Miami, but I hear they have beautiful women down there. According to DeAngelo."

UPDATE (9:53 p.m.):

Quick quote from Va. Tech coach Frank Beamer:

"We're very proud and honored to be coming back to the Orange Bowl, particularly with this football team. We had to overcome some different things, but as a football team, we've played hard and we've coached hard. We're just pleased to be coming back.


"You know they're for real," Beamer said. "It's not just a fluke."