Indoor Track and Field to Hold Intrasquad Meet

Dec. 6, 2012

The University of Cincinnati indoor track and field team will begin its season on Friday with an intrasquad meet to be held in the Armory Fieldhouse. The entire roster will be split into two teams and they will compete against one another as if it were an actual intercollegiate meet.

The meet has the added bonus of men’s competition as well. Although UC will not formally sponsor men’s indoor track and field this season, there are plans to bring back the program next season. Friday’s intrasquad will offer an advance look at next season’s men’s team.

“We are very excited about our student-athletes competing for the first time on the track this year,” said head coach Susan Seaton. “We look forward to an outstanding competition as this will be a great gauge on the effectiveness of our training up to this point.”

The intrasquad meet has served as an annual kickoff to the indoor track and field season for UC. It will give the UC coaching staff an opportunity to assess their team ahead of next week’s formal season opener at the SPIRE Institute Collegiate Season Opener Indoor Track and Field Open in Geneva, Ohio.

“After three-and-a-half months of practice, we are ready for a meet,” said head coach Bill Schnier. “This is one of the most fun meets of the year. This will be the 33rd annual intrasquad meet with lots of tradition and emotion.”

The lineup for the meet is as follows:


3:00        Weight Throw                   Men                      Laux,  Dennis,  Leone,  Province                                               



3:00      Weight Throw               Women           Akerstrom,  Breland,  Molyet,  Phillips,  Seide,  Bridges

4:30          Shot Put                           Men                      Laux,  Dennis

4:30       Shot Put                     Women            Akerstrom,  Breland,  Molyet    

3:00       High Jump                  Women            Rosenhagen,  Good,  Pickens,  Hurd,  Carr              

4:00         High Jump                         Men                      Nwankwo,  Bova,  Kubera,  Fisbeck,  Snell                             

3:00         Pole Vault                         Men                       Marks,  Dangel,  Risser,  Alexander,  Curry,  Bryant,                   Pil,  Horrigan, Kubera               

4:15       Pole Vault                   Women            McBride,  Fields,  Hotaling,  Clay,  Vaughan,  Harding                        

3:00        Long Jump                      Men                        Brookins,  T.Sanders,  Donthnier,  Bovs,  Greene,  Fisbeck,  Snell             

4:15        Long Jump                 Women             Rosenhagen,  Good,  Portis,  Edley   

4:30        Triple Jump                Women                               

4:30        Triple Jump                         Men                       Greene,  T.Sanders,  Nwankwo,  Dangel,  Donthnier                                                                


4:00        55 M. Hurdles            Women               Harding,  Lee,  Good,  Rosenhagen         

4:04           55 M. Hurdles                 Men                          Somerville,  Daugherty,  Cook,  Bova,  Kubera,  Fisbeck,  Snell

4:10         Compliance Challenge                                     Wright,  McKinley          

4:12         Mile Run                     Women               Bauer,  Mee,  Deitzer    

4:19         Mile Run                             Men                        Beckmann,  Cotton,  Book,  Hauser,  Bosel,  Palmer,  Flannigan

4:26        400 M.                      Women               Grant,  Woodall ,  Lee     

4:30           400 M.                              Men                           Court,  Mihaly,  Maldinger,  Lyshe,  Cook,  West              

4:38        55 M.                        Women               Gardner,  Smith,  Cunningham,  Portis,  Hurd,  Edley,  Fields,  Harding     

4:43           55 M.                                 Men                           Howard,  Girgis,  Brookins,  T.Sanders,  Marks,  Risser,  Donthnier,  Cain, Gilbert,  Nwankwo                          

4:48        800 M.                       Women               McPherson,  Mueller,  Richardson

4:52           800 M.                                Men                          Barney,  Leonard,  Moore,  Rohmann,  Williamson,  Wynn                          

4:57       200 M.                         Women               Gardner,  Smith,  Cunningham,  Portis,  Edley

5:02          200 M.                                  Men                         Howard,  Girgis                               

5:07       3,000 M.                       Women                  Clay,  McAlpine,   Goodwin,  Pace                            

5:19          3,000 M.                              Men                         Franklin,  Frondorf,  Griffiths,  Hauser,  LeTourneau,  Silver,  Winebar

5:32       4 x 400 Relay               Women              (RED)  McPherson,  Richardson,  Rosenhagen,  Harding,  Woodall

                                                                         (BLACK)   Mueller,  Good,  Grant,  Lee

5:38        4 x 400 Relay                      Men                          (RED)  Moore,  Rohmann,  Wynn,  West,  Kubera,  Snell,  Court, Lyshe

                                                                                                (BLACK)  Barney,  Leonard,  Williamson,   Cook,  Bova,  Fisbeck, Gilbert,  Mihaly,  Cain,  Maldinger