UC Baseball Announces Summer League Destinations

June 15, 2008

With school now behind them, many members of the University of Cincinnati baseball team are about to head out to various summer leagues throughout the country. Here is a synopsis of those destinations:

  • Brian Garman Lima Locos (Great Lakes League)
  • Jake Geglein Delaware Cows (Great Lakes League)
  • Tyler Goodro Quincy Gems (Central Illinois Collegiate League)
  • Kevin Johnson St. Cloud Riverbats (Northwoods League)
  • Justin Riddell Delaware Cows (Great Lakes League)
  • Nick Rohlfs Kentucky Royals
  • Brian Sand Cincinnati Steam (Great Lakes League)
  • Evan Sanford Edenton Steamers (Coastal Plains League)
  • Cameron Satterwhite Green Bay Bullfrogs (Northwoods League)
  • Justin Schultheiss Cincinnati Steam (Great Lakes League)
  • Jamel Scott Delaware Cows (Great Lakes League)
  • Sam Slavik Grand Lake Mariners (Great Lakes League)
  • Tyler Smith Columbus All-Americans (Great Lakes League)
  • Mike Spina Amsterdam Mohawks (New York Collegiate League)
  • Robb Thompson Cincinnati Steam (Great Lakes League)