Brian Cleary Blog at the Baseball World Cup: Entry 9

Sept. 17, 2009

This is the ninth in a series of installments from UC head baseball coach Brian Cleary as he travels overseas to coach the British National Baseball Team at the 2009 Baseball World Cup.

We lost last night to Nicaragua, 4-1. We have found ourselves challenged to score runs, especially against the quality of pitching we are seeing here in the second round.

For the most part, we have played well but the gap in talent shows itself against the teams we are seeing here. From a baseball perspective, this has certainly been a great learning experience for me to be on the field with these teams and to understand more about the level of play internationally.

It is 9:15 AM here and we leave shortly for a bus ride to Haarlem (about an hour from our hotel) to play Puerto Rico. I had a chance to watch them play yesterday for a few innings and they are very talented, with several former major and minor league players.

It has been a good trip, but very anxious to return home and get started with the Bearcats.

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