Quinn Wins 2012-2013 UC Baseball USMC IronCat Challenge
Jr. INF Ryan Quinn won UC Baseball's inaugural U.S. Marine Corps IronCat Challenge on Saturday.

Dec. 3, 2012

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CINCINNATI -- The University of Cincinnati baseball team held its inaugural U.S. Marine Corps IronCat Challenge on Saturday, with junior infielder Ryan Quinn (Sparta, N.J./Sparta) emerging as the champion.

"This was the culmination of a semester's worth of training with the Marines from here at UC," said Bearcats baseball head coach Brian Cleary. "I think they provided not only great training to our players, but some great lessons in hard work and effort, and I think the players have an appreciation for who they are and what they do. We are thankful for the time and energy they spent helping us get better."

The six-event challenge was designed and ran by USMC Lance Cpls. Sam Kurtz and Zach Smith, as well as Officer Candidate Ian McCarty.

Thirty-four members of the UC Baseball team entered the challenge, which began with a timed three-mile run.  The 30 players with the top running times advanced to the sound round of the challenge, which consisted of seeing how many USMC "burpees" (squat thrusts) each remaining player could execute in 5 minutes. Of the 30 remaining players from round one, the 24 players who did the most burpees moved on to the next round.

The third round of the challenge saw each of the 24 remaining players hold a USMCA plank position (abdominal bridge). The first six players to fall from their plank position were eliminated from the challenge.

With 18 players remaining, Round 4 consisted of a USMC wall sit. The first six players who fell from their wall sit position were eliminated from the challenge.

With just 12 players remaining, Round 5 saw the players do as many pushups as possible in two minutes. Of the 12 remaining players entering round five, the six players who did the most pushups moved on to the sixth and final round.

Round 6 consisted of the six remaining players completing a timed "Maneuver Under Fire Course." The players were timed running, crawling and weaving in and out of cones while carrying two 50 pound sandbags. The top two "Maneuver Under Fire Course" times were recorded by Quinn and junior outfielder Ethan McAlpine (Cincinnati, Ohio/Moeller).

To determine the 2012-2013 UC Baseball IronCat Challenge, McAlpine and Quinn raced each other through the "Maneuver Under Fire Course" once again, with Quinn claiming the title as the USMC IronCat Challenge champion.