Chicago State vs Cincinnati (Mar 02, 2008)

Box Score

2008 University of Cincinnati Baseball
Chicago State at Cincinnati
Mar 02, 2008 at Cincinnati, OH (Marge Schott Stadium)

Chicago State 4 (1-6)

Player   ab    r    h  rbi   bb   so   po    a  lob 
CARPEN, Michael 2b 
CREAL, Thomas lf 
GOYA, Chris dh 
WILSON, John rf 
GROW, Lucas 3b 
  MALONZO, Ryne 3b 
  PIRES, Preston ph 
HERNANDEZ, Patrick ss 
PEREZ, Jeremy 1b 
McKINLEY, Lacelle cf 
MORGAN, Simeon p 
  MARSHALL, Colin p 
  LAWRENCE, William p 
  STORRS, Michael p 
  HAUG, Matt p 
Totals  33  14  24  11 

Cincinnati 7 (3-4)

Player   ab    r    h  rbi   bb   so   po    a  lob 
Campana, Tony cf 
Scott, Jamel 2b 
Harrison, Josh ss 
Spina, Mike 3b 
Johnson, Kevin 1b  11 
Baker, Ryan 11 
Goodro, Tyler dh 
Satterwhite, Cameron rf 
Riddell, Justin lf 
  ALVEY, Dustin ph 
  OBYC, Michael pr/lf 
Smith, Tyler
  UPTON, A.J. p 
  SANFORD, Evan p 
Totals  37  13  27  13  12 

Score by Innings                    R  H  E
Chicago State....... 110 100 001 -  4  4  0
Cincinnati.......... 011 031 10X -  7 13  3
E - HARRISON(4); SMITH 2(2). LOB - Chicago St. 4; Cincinnati 12. 2B - WILSON(1); HARRISON(2). 3B - SATTERWHITE(1). HR - WILSON(2); K. JOHNSON(1); BAKER(2); GOODRO(1). HBP - BAKER. SB - CAMPANA(3); SCOTT 3(8); RIDDELL(2). CS - HERNANDEZ(1).

Chicago State   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
MORGAN, Simeon   3.0  13  16  49 
MARSHALL, Colin L,0-1  1.2  37 
LAWRENCE, William   1.2  11  13  51 
STORRS, Michael   0.2  15 
HAUG, Matt   1.0  10 
Cincinnati   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
Smith, Tyler W,1-1  8.0  11  28  28  100 
Upton, A.J.   0.0  11 
Sanford, Evan S,1  1.0  15 

Win - SMITH (1-1). Loss - MARSHALL (0-1). Save - SANFORD (1). WP - LAWRENCE(1); SMITH(1). HBP - by LAWRENCE (BAKER). PB - BAKER(2). Inherited runners/scored: STORRS 2/0; SANFORD 3/1. Pitches/strikes: MORGAN 49/25; MARSHALL 37/21; LAWRENCE 51/30; STORRS 15/9; HAUG 10/8; SMITH 100/73; UPTON 11/2; SANFORD 15/13.

Umpires - HP: Walt Neuser 1B: David Madsen 3B: Steven Horne
Start: 1:01 pm Time: 2:51 Attendance: 1656

UPTON faced 3 batters in the 9th.


2008 University of Cincinnati Baseball
Chicago State at Cincinnati
Mar 02, 2008 at Cincinnati, OH (Marge Schott Stadium)

Chicago State starters: 2/2b M. CARPEN; 6/lf CREAL; 5/dh GOYA; 7/c APPLEBAUM; 3/rf WILSON; 4/3b GROW; 27/ss HERNANDEZ; 50/1b PEREZ; 8/cf McKINLEY; 18/p MORGAN;

Cincinnati starters: 31/cf CAMPANA; 5/2b SCOTT; 6/ss HARRISON; 22/3b SPINA; 10/1b K. JOHNSON; 18/c BAKER; 13/dh GOODRO; 28/rf SATTERWHITE; 8/lf RIDDELL; 21/p SMITH;

Chicago State 1st - M. CARPEN reached on a throwing error by p, advanced to second (1-2 BKF). M. CARPEN advanced to third on a wild pitch. CREAL grounded out to 3b (1-0 B). GOYA grounded out to ss, RBI (1-1 BK); M. CARPEN scored, unearned. APPLEBAUM struck out looking (2-2 BBSFK). 1 run, 0 hits, 1 error, 0 LOB.

Cincinnati 1st - CAMPANA lined out to ss (0-2 KF). SCOTT grounded out to 2b (1-1 KB). HARRISON flied out to rf (1-0 B). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Chicago State 2nd - WILSON doubled to left center (1-1 FB). WILSON advanced to third on a passed ball. GROW reached on a fielding error by p (0-2 SS). HERNANDEZ singled up the middle, RBI (1-2 FSFBFF); GROW advanced to second; WILSON scored. PEREZ flied out to rf (3-2 BFBBSF); GROW advanced to third. HERNANDEZ out at second c to 2b, caught stealing. McKINLEY struck out (3-2 FBFBBS). 1 run, 2 hits, 1 error, 1 LOB.

Cincinnati 2nd - SPINA flied out to rf (1-0 B). K. JOHNSON singled to left field (1-0 B). BAKER walked (3-0 BBBB); K. JOHNSON advanced to second. GOODRO singled through the left side (3-1 BFBB); BAKER advanced to second; K. JOHNSON advanced to third. SATTERWHITE walked, RBI (3-1 BBKBB); GOODRO advanced to second; BAKER advanced to third; K. JOHNSON scored. RIDDELL infield fly to ss (2-1 BKB). CAMPANA flied out to cf (0-0). 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 3 LOB.

Chicago State 3rd - M. CARPEN struck out (2-2 KBBFS). CREAL struck out (2-2 BBFFS). GOYA struck out, out at first c to 1b (0-2 KKK). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Cincinnati 3rd - SCOTT grounded out to ss (0-1 K). HARRISON doubled to left field (0-1 K). SPINA grounded out to 3b (0-0). K. JOHNSON singled up the middle, RBI (3-2 FBBBF); HARRISON scored. BAKER walked (3-1 FBBBB); K. JOHNSON advanced to second. GOODRO reached on a fielder's choice (0-0); BAKER out at second ss to 2b. 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Chicago State 4th - APPLEBAUM struck out, out at first c to 1b (1-2 KFBS). WILSON homered to left field, RBI (0-1 F). GROW struck out (1-2 KBSFS). HERNANDEZ grounded out to 2b (1-1 BF). 1 run, 1 hit, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Cincinnati 4th - MARSHALL to p for MORGAN. SATTERWHITE struck out looking (3-2 BKKBBK). RIDDELL walked (3-0 BBBB). CAMPANA flied out to lf (0-1 K). RIDDELL stole second. SCOTT grounded out to p (1-2 KBK). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

Chicago State 5th - PEREZ struck out (1-2 KFBS). McKINLEY grounded out to 3b (1-2 FBKF). M. CARPEN grounded out to 2b (0-1 S). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Cincinnati 5th - HARRISON grounded out to ss (0-0). SPINA fouled out to c (2-2 KKBBF). K. JOHNSON homered to right field, RBI (1-0 B). BAKER homered to left field, RBI (2-1 BSB). GOODRO homered to left field, RBI (3-2 BSFBB). LAWRENCE to p for MARSHALL. SATTERWHITE singled up the middle (1-2 KFB). RIDDELL reached on a fielder's choice (0-0); SATTERWHITE out at second 2b to ss. 3 runs, 4 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

Chicago State 6th - CREAL flied out to cf (1-0 B). GOYA flied out to cf (1-0 B). APPLEBAUM struck out, out at first c to 1b (1-2 SFFBS). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Cincinnati 6th - CAMPANA out at first 2b to p (0-0). SCOTT singled up the middle (1-1 BK). SCOTT stole second. HARRISON grounded out to 3b (3-2 BBBFFF); SCOTT advanced to third. SCOTT stole home. SPINA singled to center field (2-1 BKB). K. JOHNSON singled through the left side (0-1 K); SPINA advanced to second. BAKER hit by pitch (3-2 KFBFFBB); K. JOHNSON advanced to second; SPINA advanced to third. GOODRO grounded out to 3b (3-2 BBFFB). 1 run, 3 hits, 0 errors, 3 LOB.

Chicago State 7th - WILSON struck out (0-2 SSS). GROW grounded out to 3b (0-0). HERNANDEZ grounded out to ss (0-0). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Cincinnati 7th - MALONZO to 3b for GROW. SATTERWHITE tripled to left field (3-2 BBKFB). ALVEY pinch hit for RIDDELL. ALVEY singled up the middle, RBI (0-2 KK); SATTERWHITE scored. OBYC pinch ran for ALVEY. CAMPANA reached on a fielder's choice (0-0); OBYC out at second 1b to ss. CAMPANA advanced to second on a wild pitch. CAMPANA stole third. SCOTT walked (3-0 BBBB). STORRS to p for LAWRENCE. SCOTT stole second. HARRISON struck out (3-2 BFBBFS). SPINA struck out looking (3-2 BKKBFFFBK). 1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB.

Chicago State 8th - OBYC to lf. PEREZ grounded out to 3b (0-0). McKINLEY struck out looking (1-2 KBFK). M. CARPEN out at first 1b to p (1-1 SB). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Cincinnati 8th - HAUG to p for STORRS. K. JOHNSON grounded out to 1b unassisted (0-2 KF). BAKER popped up to 2b (2-1 BFB). GOODRO struck out (0-2 KFS). 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Chicago State 9th - UPTON to p for SMITH. CREAL reached on a throwing error by ss, advanced to second (1-1 BF). GOYA walked (3-0 BBBB). APPLEBAUM walked (3-0 BBBB); GOYA advanced to second; CREAL advanced to third. SANFORD to p for UPTON. WILSON singled to left field, RBI (1-2 BSFF); APPLEBAUM advanced to second; GOYA advanced to third; CREAL scored, unearned. PIRES pinch hit for MALONZO. PIRES struck out (0-2 KSS). HERNANDEZ struck out (0-2 SSS). PEREZ struck out (1-2 SSBS). 1 run, 1 hit, 1 error, 3 LOB.

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