2007-08 Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Jan. 5, 2008

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Cincinnati Post game quotes

January 5, 2008

Carnesecca Arena


Head Coach Nick Cronin

Opening Statement:

"I thought we came out playing well early on, and we should have been up ten.  Then we started to drop loose balls, drop rebounds, missed lay-ups and when you're playing quality BIG EAST teams on the road, you're supposed to be able to finish.  Sooner or later what would happen is going to happen.  All of a sudden our players think we're supposed to win so somebody makes a shot, then somebody else makes another shot.  We give away two three-pointers and we're standing there with our hands down just letting them shoot it right in our face. I was really disappointed in our defense and our hustle.  I thought St. John's really wanted this game more and they went out and took it." 




On St. John's shooting:

"That was really the game right there.  We had them down to six and they hit a three at the end of the shot clock, which was a tremendous shot by Anthony Mason Jr. from 35 feet with a guy all over him.  That shot was really a dagger, I don't' know if we ever got closer than that.  I thought we were making our run in the second half to get it back in it.  We didn't do a very good job guarding the basketball.  I thought that we didn't show enough poise to get back into the game with our defense."




St. John's Head Coach Norm Roberts

Opening Statement:

"I was happy with the way we played tonight. We played extremely hard. We did a good job defensively. We did a good job against Deonta Vaughn, even though he still had 24 points, we limited a lot of his open looks. We did a very good job on the glass. Cincinnati had been rebounding very well, so I was really happy with our effort and what we did out there tonight."


On the team's performance against Cincinnati:

"We always start each game trying to get the ball inside and try to establish Justin [Burrell]. Justin did a good job of being patient and attacking when he got it. Anthony Mason Jr. had some good looks early on. He was rushing a little bit, and trying to make things happen a little too fast. Cincinnati was very physical defensively. We just tried to get relaxed, settle down, come off screens a little bit later than early, so he [Mason] could get a better look. I think he made those adjustments."


On getting Larry Wright the ball:

"We always want Larry to shoot. We're always trying to get him screens and trying to get him shots, and he did a great job of that tonight. Larry is like a sixth starter for us. He could be out there at any time."


On tonight's victory being a confidence booster:

"Any time you win it helps your confidence, but in this league you cannot get down. You can't get too happy; you can't get too sad because we have 18 conference games. There are going to be good days, there are going to be bad days. You have to be resilient and keep coming back. It's never over until it's over. This young group is resilient, and they kind of understand that. I keep saying to them every game is a different game. We keep telling our guys to keep fighting. If we keep playing defense the way we have been, we will always have a chance to be in the game. As long as we can continue to believe that we have a chance."


St. John's Junior Forward Anthony Mason Jr.

On making shots at the end of the first half:

"The spurt is just part of playing the game. Sometimes when you shoot, you're off. But shooters just have to keep on shooting. It doesn't mean the layups will get through or the shots will start falling, it's just part of the flow of the game. Today I was missing shots early, but I knocked them down in the end."


On heading into the breadth of the BIG EAST schedule coming off a league win:

"Each game is very important in the BIG EAST because you are playing against different talents and this win put us back up. The game before this was important, this game was important and the next one coming up at UConn is important. Tomorrow at practice we have to get ready for the next one."


On playing 36 minutes coming off an ankle injury:

"I played a lot in Hawaii, but game after game helps. It helps me get back into the flow of everything and the chemistry of the team. I don't feel any different playing in this game than the last. I'm glad we got the win."


St. John's Sophomore Guard Larry Wright

On his back-to-back three-pointers at the end of the first half:

 "Justin [Burrell], my big man, sets screens for me, and when the ball got handed off I was open and I just took the open shot."


St. John's Freshman Forward Justin Burrell

On playing a tough conference schedule:

"I picked St. John's to play in the BIG EAST. I love the competition and everything that comes along with it. This is the kind of game I want to play in."