Cincinnati - Providence Post Game Quotes


Jan. 7, 2009


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Cincinnati vs. Providence

Jan. 7, 2009 - Fifth Third Arena

Postgame Quotes

University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach


Opening Statement

“It is fairly obvious that our defense was not up to par. Providence is a very tough team to defend because they are veterans. Until we can get five guys on the court that can defend and get stops, we are going to continue to struggle. I tried to tell our team that everybody wants to be concerned about offense. All that does is exemplify how inexperienced we are. We need to be worried about defense. We won eight games in the BIG EAST last year playing tremendous defense. Defense doesn’t take talent, it takes heart, focus, and energy. We are struggling to get five guys on the same page defensively.”




On Earlier Defense

“We played great defense against UNLV. That was a great win, and they haven’t lost since we beat them. At times, guys are trying to win with offense. We are worried about the wrong things. We are worried about getting the ball, if we made a shot, or if we made a mistake. We need to be worried about playing great defense.  Now I know we are capable of it because we did a great job against UNLV.”


On Three Pointers

“They hit some really tough shots. A couple of times those shots were their second attempt. They only get seven offensive rebounds, but a couple of those they shouldn’t have got. When you play teams like that, they aren’t going to be an offensive rebounding team. When they got the offensive rebound that was long, it crushed us. It is misleading because how many could they have really gotten with four players standing behind the three point line.”


On Recovering from 0-2 BE Start

“At the end of the day, you have to win at home. You can’t give up 87 points at home. There were too many things from a preparation stand point that we worked on that should not have gone on. We need to continue to build and get better. We need to learn from our mistakes and eliminate them. We can’t worry about things we can’t control. If you want to worry about winning, you should worry about defending. If we would have defended, we would have won.”

Providence College

Keno Davis, Head Coach


Opening Statement

“I think I would start out by saying I am extremely proud of the ball club I coach. Not because of our talent, but because of the improvement they have shown from the first day of practice to the first game. We are now competing with teams in the BIG EAST. To be able to come out with a victory shows a lot of ability to rebound, defend the three point line, and get to the free throw line.”


On Three Pointers

“We played a lot with a smaller line up. We had (Marshon) Brooks at the power forward position. When you have more shooters on the court, you take advantage of the other team pressuring you. You want to be able to shoot the ball in rhythm. Earlier in the year, we were taking our shots off the dribble. This game they came off the pass. To be able to have 20 assists tonight, you need that kind of execution.”


On 3-0 BIG EAST Start

It feels better than 0 and 3. It is such a long season with the expansion of games to 18. You look ahead at your schedule and see a lot of teams with numbers in front of them. It is an amazing year for the BIG EAST. The thing about the teams in the BIG EAST is that they all want to get to postseason play. You get enough chances to get big victories just about every night.”



Wyenimi Efejuku, Sr., G

On UC’s Response to Zone

“I think they were really prepared for us. They saw our zone on tape and adjusted to it. I think they did a good job against it.”


Sharaud Curry, Jr., G

On Being 3-0 in BIG EAST

“It’s a great feeling. The seniors haven’t experienced this. To be 3- 0 ( BIG EAST record) says a lot about our team. Teams have to start looking at us being a factor in the BIG EAST this year.”


On Containing Deonta Vaughn

“We wanted to keep a body on him at all times. He was still able to get 20 on us. We wanted to make him work for everything.”