Cincinnati-Georgetown Postgame Quotes

Jan. 10, 2012

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Cincinnati at No. 11 Georgetown
Verizon Center
Washington D.C.
Jan. 9, 2012

Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin Quotes

Opening Statement…
“Obviously, great win for our team.  We had a debacle on Saturday where we weren’t ready to play and we had a little wake up call.  Any time your teams able to respond to adversity which our teams really has for the last month… I’m  proud of a lot of guys tonight. Two guys carried us on offense, but our point guard gave us great leadership despite his foul trouble and he didn’t make a field goal and Yancy Gates’ defense, he gave us 10 deflections tonight and pressured Henry Sims into 5 turnovers which is huge for him, tremendous growth for him as a basketball player.  Becoming a complete player and keeping his head in the game despite getting his shot blocked a few times and it was a physical game on both ends underneath; he got with that it really anchored our defense down the stretch.  Great effort by my kids, proud of them, great win for us.  You know, we’ve had some wins over Georgetown, we’ve been fortunate here lately but this is the best team we’ve … we had and the best Georgetown team we’ve been able to get a win over.”

 On Yancy Gates Performance …
“We’ll we were able to get him the ball on a couple curls on the dump down because we were driving so much. We were able to get it to him; they were coming to block shots.  And that was out of a time out, great execution by him and Sean Kilpatrick on that play.  I told him “You better go strong now.  This is a man’s game. You know, you’ve got to go strong. You can’t just look to just go on up there and hope the refs are going to bail you out.”  You know really our offense we were stagnant trying to feature him early in the year and pound the ball inside, teams were all over him and since we opened it up we’ve just been a much better team but I still think we are  finding ourselves because there’s times we need to go to him.  He’s still not back… in playing shape and he spent so much energy tonight.  I asked him to be the key to the defense with Sims because you know you look at their stats and he’s got 58 assists or something, it’s crazy… So try to deny Sims the ball, you know try to pressure him, you know try to get our deflections total up, try to disrupt their offense because they are going shoot a high percentage so you better get some turnovers because if you don’t…this team runs their offense as good as any team that I’ve coached against; they run through all their stuff and all their options.  We kept changing our defenses as much as we could.  I don’t know if any of them were working until late and I don’t know if that’s maybe they got a little tired to be honest with you.”

On Cincinnati’s Defensive Effort Against Hollis Thompson

“Yeah, I wasn’t really happy as you can imagine at half time that he was 4-4 (shooting from the field).  It’s not rocket science….every scouting report says you can’t let him shoot so needless to say I was a little vocal at half time about he doesn’t need to get any more attempts from the 3 point line. Sean Kilpatrick was on him the most. That’s where he’s really evolving into an all around player. He’s scoring on one hand and he’s doing a great job on Hollis Thompson. We let him shoot one to start, and then in the press we lost him twice.  The bank shots the bank shot.  We lost him twice and you can’t let him shoot. He’s shooting 50% from the 3 point line, he’s one of the best shooters in the country and he’s got size so if you give him a little space he’s going to shoot it over you.”


Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson III
On turnovers being the cause of tonight’s loss…

No doubt about that. We cannot turn the ball over like that. That was the ball game and I think we have to give them credit, but after we do that, most of our turnovers were what I call unforced turnovers. It wasn’t relenting pressure and the press, it was us not being good passers, not being good receivers.

On Georgetown’s final offensive play…
We were trying to just run a side on ball with Jason and Henry and wanted him to come off of it. We had Hollis in the other corner in case they came to help, but they switched defenses on  us, so you just have to play. Otto (Porter) had the ball right there and made a play, but stepped out of bounds.

On Hollis Thompson getting locked down in the second half…
We ran a couple of sets to try to get him shots, but they were definitely a lot more attentive to him in denying him and face guarding him in the second half and so that was a large part of it.

On if Cincinnati’s physical nature caused problems…
I don’t think so. If you look at it, I think we out rebounded them. I think we were just as physical, if not more physical today. We just turned the ball over. I don’t mean to negate anything that they did, not in any way shape or form do I mean that they didn’t play a good game or they didn’t execute, but we just shot ourselves in the foot today.

On Sean Kilpatrick’s performance against Georgetown…
I don’t know that I’ve seen him go off for this many points, but we have seen him play like that. Between him and Dixon they are two good offensive players. With all they were doing I think Yancy Gates had some key baskets. He showed up when they needed him to, so you have to give him credit for that.