Cincinnati Men's Basketball Quotes

Jan. 12, 2011

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University of Cincinnati vs. University of South Florida

January 12th, 2011, Fifth Third Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio

University of Cincinnati Quotes

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“I thought tonight was going to be a hard fought game for us. South Florida as good on the front line as anyone we’ll play. They are big and strong and physical. Thomas fouling out didn’t help us. I thought Yancy had to play with some fatigue where they came back into the game. Other than that, we had some guys with some good performances. It was good to get 39 bench points and play a game with only eight turnovers. They are the best 6-12 team I’ve ever seen.”

On The Bench

“I have a theory on that. Everyone’s got one. Everyone has 13 scholarships and you have to play them. You try and develop your bench. It’s a long season especially this year with our style of play. It’s hard to play a lot of minutes with the pressure we put on the ball. Larry Davis came in and we were in the drought of all droughts. Larry Davis and Sean Kilpatrick came in and gave us a lift. I thought this was one of Darnell Wilks best game of the season.”

On Upcoming Road Trips

“Are we ready for it? We’ll see. I take them one at a time. I like the fact that we physically match up with Syracuse. We are at that point where we have veterans. For us, it will be a matter of execution. We have to have great toughness and execution.”

On Ibrahima Thomas

“It was probably his worst game of the season. No doubt. And he’d say that if you asked him. He’s got to stop fouling. He has to stop playing defense with his hands. Maybe, the nicest kid I’ve ever coached, but he maybe needs therapy. He has an addiction of reaching in and playing defense with his hands. They say that the last step is denial, and he is still in denial. I have to get him to the recovery stage. This has been an easy team to coach. I was all over him with his fouls at Villanova. We have to have him. For him, he’s not just our 4-man, but he’s also our back up 5-man. To not have him, puts us in a rough situation with fatigue for Yancy.”

On Justin Jackson’s Development

“Tonight, he had a couple turnovers where they stole the ball from him. Little things like that he’ll learn. He has been listening and he’s very coachable. He fouled against Xavier and he got to play a whopping 1 minute. I took him out to try and teach him a lesson. He wants to play. He loves to play some basketball. I try to take that away from him to get his attention. He’s playing with a lot of discipline on the defensive end.”


Player Quotes

Darnell Wilks, Sr., F

On Being a Tough Win

“As coach says, we take a win anyway necessary in the BIG EAST. It’s hard to win games in the BIG EAST. I felt like we came out hard in the second half.”

On Guarding Augustus Gilchrist

“It was hard. I like the challenge. It makes me push myself. That is what I’m going to have to do in the BIG EAST. It probably wasn’t like that early on in the year, but the rest of the year, it will be like that. The rest of the year I’ll be playing bigger guys.”

Sean Kilpatrick, Rs. So., G

On Getting on Track

“That comes from how hard we’ve been working. With games like this, we still have to fight thru it. This is BIG EAST play now. You have to fight thru it.”

On Providing Offense Spark

“Well that is my job especially with coach having me off the bench. That’s all I try to do is lift my team up and lift Rashad up.”

On Bench Performance

“That’s our job with us coming off the bench. With the active guys we have like Justin and Larry, when you have guys like that, you have an advantage over a lot of people.”

University of South Florida Quotes

Stan Heath, Head Coach

Opening Statement

We lost to a good basketball team. They are better than what we’ve played in the last couple of years. They have good chemistry, defend, and they are very physical. I think they set the town for their physicality and their size early in the game. I don’t think we played great. We had some miscues with the turnovers. Some I could understand and others were baffling to me. We did a few things well. We defended their big guys pretty well. Their freshman really impacted the game – in Kilpatrick. Cincinnati is going to be a formidable opponent the rest of the year. I think they are for real. I really do.”

On Difference From Last Year

“The chemistry and they are committed more to the defense. Gates plays at a better pace than he’s ever played before. The rest of those guys out there know what their roles are. They have tremendous depth and they don’t miss a beat. They have some guys that can really make some plays. When they go to their full court pressure, it is really different when Darnell Wilks is in the game.”

On Having Early Lead

“Late in the first half, I thought we were up and Polland picked up another foul. I thought that was a time that they made a move. We have some challenges and some areas where we aren’t as strong as we’d like to be. We don’t have the bench play that Cincinnati has.”