Postgame Quotes - Notre Dame at Cincinnati


Jan. 16, 2010

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University of Cincinnati


Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“It is nice to finally win a close one. Not many times you come to a podium with a victory when your team hits 32 percent from the field. I thought our guys refused to lose the game today. Our offensive rebounding and our defense carried us. Deonta Vaughn made a great pass for the last play. They switched a smaller guy, he recognized it, and it was a great individual play by him. Yancy missed the first one, but got the put back. Fortunately, there was enough time for that. Notre Dame on a bad night hits 70 (points). Luke Harangody wakes up with 20 everyday. Our defense was stellar for the most time to hold him to 5-for-20 (shooting). I thought we bated him into a lot of jump shots. He is a load to handle around the basket. He took a lot of jump shots. He is much easier to defend from 15 to 20 feet than five feet in. I think Yancy did a great job on him.”


On This Team’s Condition

“Right now, my one challenge to the guys is it is test of wills in the BIG EAST. Anyone that watches it, our players have got to say ‘you know what; we’re going to win no matter what.’ We have to find a way to win every game. We have to refuse to lose. Obviously, we need to play smart at the end of the game. I think that was contagious; I watched a few games before ours today. I hope it isn’t a sign of the times because we won’t continue to win shooting 32 percent. I was really proud of our guys’ emotional response today. We played with an attitude that ‘enough is enough.’ That is a sign of kids turning themselves into winners. I was really proud of a few guys – Rashad and Yancy in particular. They were talking in timeouts and in huddles. They were showing me how much they cared about the outcome of the game. It wasn’t about who was scoring; it was about how much they cared about the outcome of today’s game. That is the key. Talent will only take you so far in this league. The will that players compete with is hard to match. If you don’t match that, we won’t be able to do what we would like to do.”


On Seeing Leadership in Players

“It is in their team, not mine. It doesn’t matter how upset or emotional, I get zero points and zero rebounds. They have been doing it for the most part. We have 12 BIG EAST games to sustain that. You have to take every practice and walk threw seriously. You have to show up every night, and if not, you are going to lose.”


On The Crowd Being a Factor in Defense

“I just said on the radio. I know some of our fans are upset about the football situation, but last time I checked, Isaiah Pead and Zach Collaros are back. We have a new coach and our players are here. I’m glad they were upset because the will and resolve shows is from a home team. I thought it was the best game this year and it helped us in a major way.”


On Struggling Offensively

“If I had that answer, I’d be retiring. Seriously, when it comes to shooting, you have to work hard at it especially three-point shooting. I think too many college players shoot three point shots that they shouldn’t. We have to keep working at it. I know Larry Davis makes shots because I see it every day. You have to keep working on it. It is not a lack of practice. We start practice with 30 minutes of shooting.”


On The Meaning of the Game

“Anybody that follows us, we are 12-6. We could be sitting here at 16-2 with the four close losses. We have made our own mistakes. As a coach, you tell your guys that it will all even out, but if it keeps happening, it will take a toll on your guy. It is important to win this game when it was close down the stretch.”


On Responding After St. John’s

“Today’s kids don’t take losses as hard as coaches or fans. It isn’t the psyche of the 19-20 year old. It used to be you had to worry about picking those guys up. I still have to do the opposite. I have to have them feel the pain so they do something about it. I think that is universal. “


On The Technical Before the Half

“Someone from our bench said something that Brian O’Connell didn’t like. He told me what they said, and if they said it, than he made the right call. I thought it was an over the back. The call went the other way. Luke is a great kid and he isn’t a dirty player. They told me that he did (Harangody pulling Wilks’s jersey). To be honest with you, I didn’t see it. These are tough games to officiate.”



Player Quotes

Deonta Vaughn, Sr., G

On What it Meant to Win This Game

“We needed this win. We lost three in a row, and two of them we should have won. We felt like we even should have beaten Pittsburgh. Three games are behind us and we want to start off fresh. We still have hopes to get to the NCAA tournament and keep moving forward.”


On Coach Saying BIG EAST Is a Grind

“It was a real good grind out. We stayed solid, and we didn’t want to make the same mistakes that we made against St. John’s. We know Notre Dame is a great scoring team. We came in with the mind sight and played the defense that we usually play. We take a lot of pride in our defense. “


On Turnovers

“Be solid. We were just turning the ball over and rushing. We were trying to get buckets like other teams. We need to play solid and smart and everything will come to us.”




Yancy Gates, So., F

On The Final Shot

”When he made the pass, I knew I was close enough to the basket. I babied it too much, and that’s why I jumped up quick to get it. He wanted to get me and Deonta in a pick n roll. He was either going to be open on the drive or me under the rim.


On Defending Harangody

“Coming into this game, we knew he was their whole offense. If their offense breaks down, they just throw it to him. Coach and I talked, and I came into tonight with the mind sight of limiting his touches. He got a lot of touches but I was able to make him miss some shots. He still hit some big shots down the stretch. I take it as a special challenge. A guy like him who can score as much as he wants, I take pride in that challenge on defense. “





University of Notre Dame

Mike Brey, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“What a great college game. We are disappointed. We played our hearts out. I love what we did down the stretch and we couldn’t get a block out on a really big guy, who is really hard to block out. I told our guys, in this league when you have a game on Monday, you can’t dwell it. We have to get back to South Bend and get our legs under us. I give Cincinnati credit. They made some great plays and defended us down the stretch.”


On Free Throws and Rebounds

“Free throws hurt us no question. For us, 9-for-19 is out of character especially on the road. Sometimes you can absorb it at home, but not on the road. We will bounce back, but not today.”


On Cincinnati’s Defense

“Both teams defended pretty well. It was a low scoring game. They only shot 32 percent from the floor and we shot 40 percent. It was a very physical BIG EAST basketball game. Guys were so exhausted from the physicality of it that they missed open shots.”


On Nash’s Rebounding

“Tough night for Nash. We certainly need him when we play against this league. I have every confidence that he’ll bounce back. I was impressed with Scott Carleton in the loss, and Peoples game in. We played small because they played small.”


Player Quotes

Luke Harangody, Sr., F

On Cincinnati’s Defense

“They clamped down on us down low by bringing in some guys off the perimeter. I missed some shots that I usually would not miss. I give them a lot of credit.”


Tory Jackson, Sr., G

On The Last Shot

“We work on that shot all the time. A lot of the guys shoot it from half court. I joke around and shoot it from the free throw line. It just came up short.”