UC-WVU Postgame Quotes

Jan. 29, 2011

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Postgame Quotes

University of Cincinnati vs. West Virginia University

January 29th, 2011 – Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio

University of Cincinnati Quotes

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“First of all, for people that are unaware, tonight was Coaches vs Cancer. Coach Huggins and I both lost our mother’s to cancer. It is a day that is very important to us. I get a chance to mention it. Anything you can do to help the fight against cancer. I’ve been honored from joining the board of American Cancer Association here locally. I wear black shoes personally because I lost my mother five years ago. The game, we lost a lot of shots and let us affect our defense enough to get us beat. It’s a dangerous thing when you let you offense affect your defense. That’s one thing we hadn’t done all year. Maybe our guys were over confident. I don’t know why they would have been except that we were undefeated at home. It was inexcusable what we did on the defensive end and it is a direct result of our ineptitude on the offensive end.”

On Shutting Down Yancy Gates

“They decided to double team him. Guys are standing there wide open at the three point line. There is a rule that you are allowed to go rebound it. He only had one offensive rebound.”

On Joe Mazzulla’s Play

“Joe Mazzulla single handedly won the game for them. They have other guys that played well. Great leadership and dribble penetration killed us. We didn’t do a good job of containing him.”

On Team Getting Down from Loss

“I’ve got guys that have been playing in the BIG EAST and our program for the last three years. We are 18-4. We have a couple days off to get some rest and focused on academics. In our league, you are only as good as your next game. Syracuse hasn’t won since they beat us; welcome to the BIG EAST. You have to be great at rebounding, and we weren’t great at rebounding. Not enough to make up for our lack of rebounding.”

Player Quotes

Cashmere Wright, So., G

On Offense

“We just let our defensive efforts affect our offense. We got down, and we struggled at forcing shots. We let the missed shots effect how we got on defense and how we play.”

On Getting Ball to Yancy Gates

“Every time he would try to post up they would have a man behind him. It made it more difficult to make that entry pass.”

On Second Half Scoring and Fouls

“Lately, Cronin has been telling me to be more aggressive and looking for my shot. Stop passing out open shots. I have to step into and believe that I can make the open shot. It hurt the team. When I’m not out there, the offense struggles. Not only did I pick up a foul but I hurt my team. I have to get better and stop doing that.”

Anthony McClain, Sr., C

On Getting First Home Loss

“It feels like any loss for real. A loss is a loss where ever it is.”


West Virginia University Quotes

Bob Huggins, Head Coach

On Having Eight Scholarship Players

“We played seven. We’ve got great kids. I kept telling them when we were going thru what we were that I just need 7 or 8 guys that will come in every day and play hard. These guys have done that. They have played awfully hard.”


On Rebounding

“We have a hard time scoring. We have to rebound and give ourselves second chances. We’ve got to really guard. I really like Mick’s team. I think they are very talented, and I think we did a great job guarding them.”


On Defending Cincinnati

“You have to try and stop Yancy (Gates) inside. They have so many guys. Larry Davis has shot terrific for them, Sean has come in and shot well, and I think (Dion) Dixon is a really good player. (Rashad) Bishop does everything for them. He’s a terrific defender and can shot the three. They are a very good basketball team.”


On Joe Mazzulla’s Play

“That’s Joe. He has games like that. He’s got a great will. He kind of willed the ball to go for us. When he started and he seemed like he could turn a corner, we ran a lot of stuff for him. They took us out of a lot of stuff.”


On Second Time In Cincinnati

“It’s pretty much what I told you. You look up there and you see what a bunch of guys accomplished. It’s great seeing those guys. A bunch of those guys were here. There were probably 10 or 12 of them here. It’s great to see those guys. We are one big family. We still spend time together. We needed to win. We gave one away in Louisville, and we needed a win.”