Postgame Quotes: Rutgers at No. 24/23 Cincinnati

Jan. 30, 2013

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Rutgers at No. 24/23 Cincinnati

Janaury 30, 2013

Fifth Third Arena

Postgame Quotes

University of Cincinnati Quotes

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening statement:

“Obviously, Rutgers came to play early. Their intensity affected us early in the game. I’d like to give them credit for that. They started a bigger line up this game against us, on purpose, presumably for defense and rebounding. I think it worked early on. We really struggled to score the basketball. The lay-off stuff is an excuse which I don’t really believe in. I think we have enough older guys that we have to be ready to play. It’s what we said afterward in the locker room. It is a great win. We had a lot of things going against us.”


On UC’s play in the second half: 

“We turned it around, got ourselves in the bonus, and were able to get ourselves to the foul line to get us enough points. We started getting our fast break going in the second half and executing the defensive and offensive game plan. We just weren’t playing well early, but I give Rutgers credit for that. We tell our guys get used to it. We have 10 more and then the BIG EAST Tournament and hopefully the NCAA Tournament. There are no more games where the team is going to walk out and wave the white flag. Those days ended around Christmas.”


On Justin Jackson’s play:

“He was tremendous. I think he got his teammates fired up and obviously, he got the crowd into it. He earned his start the last couple of days in practice. He was great in practice. I knew he was going to play well tonight. It’s not that complicated in basketball. You can tell when guys are focused. He’s hungry to get more minutes. I’ve been trying to make adjustments to get him the ball closer to the rim in our offensive stuff. He was great. But ut a lot of guys stepped up.”


On holding Rutgers in second half:

“We held them to 30 percent and if you do that you are going to win a whole lot of games. We defended the three-point shot much better in the second half.”


On Cashmere Wright:

“He’s fine. His knees structurally are fine. He didn’t have a lot of practice. He only had Monday and Tuesday. His conditioning wasn’t where it needed to be, but at the same time, he mentally did some things tonight that he knows better. He had a couple of passes that were beyond my comprehension, and a couple fouls where I thought an alien abducted his body. If he wasn’t fine, he wouldn’t be playing. As long as I’m up here, that is one thing that I can guarantee.”


On Rutgers’s not making as many three-pointers in the second half:

“(We) didn’t let them stand there and play horse. Rutgers has guys that can make shots. If you let them stand around and play horse, they are going to make them. We did a better job of not letting them stand around and play horse, and obviously Justin protected the rim for us. Cheikh did a little bit as well when they got down the lane. (They were) 6 for 10 at half, and you might want to get a hand up. (We went) back to the defensive execution of the game plan, and then looking at us like you are surprised he made it. Even late in the game, they hadn’t made any threes until Mack hit the last two. The guy shoots 40 percent from the three, and we showed enough film of the guy making them five feet beyond the arc. It wouldn’t be a shock if he shoots it in your face and makes it. Execution of the game plan is key.


On gutting out the win:

“Today I was proud because we could have been beat. It easily could have happened tonight to us. We could have went down, but the kids gutted it out. It was a credit to them. It is nice to be able to coach a team that has enough fortitude to dig in and get a win when they are on the ropes. The guys really dug in. They knew how to dig in, which is patient on offense, get to the foul line, and on defense, get one stop at a time. “


On players performing without Cashmere Wright:

“I thought GeLawn did a lot of good things tonight. He’s a confident free-throw shooter too, which helps you late in the game and bodes well for his future. He doesn’t want to make a mistake out there. He has to be a little more aggressive on offense. Shaq and Jermaine didn’t get to do a lot tonight. That is onward and upward. They are playing beyond really good players. At times, they have to raise their intensity a little bit. We got SK the ball enough when we were struggling.”

UC Player Quotes

No. 23-Sean Kilpatrick, G

On slow start having anything do with the layoff:

“No, we started off sluggish and that’s something we can’t do for the reminder of the season because, as you see, it started off bad and that’s something we have to get accustomed to.”

On Justin’s giving the team a lift:

“Today he played the best game all year. He really got back to the old Justin Jackson, and that’s blocking everything, saving everything, and jumping into the crowd and being the energy guy we need him to be. He has been working on it and today it finally showed.”

On leading the team in the second half:

“That was something we were lacking in the first half and scoring. It was very hard to score because they were in every gap that we were trying to punch through, and Coach (Cronin) kept telling me, ‘don’t force anything just let game come to you and everything will work out,’ and that’s what I did in the second half.”

On Cashmere being in foul trouble:

“Well Cash has been bothered by a couple of injuries, and he has been playing through it and that’s something I commend for. He always gives us his everything and that’s a leader for you, he is going to give us everything he’s got until he can’t walk anymore and that’s what we love about him.”

No.5-Justin Jackson, F

On how the feeling is after getting a block:

“Like getting a new pair of shoes.”

On how much it bothered him not having a game like this:

“It bothered me at first but now I’m not thinking about it.”

On what Coach Cronin said to him about being the energy guy:

“He basically said just play your game and that what I did.”

On if he had a sense of urgency tonight:

“Somewhat, I was just letting the game come to me and it’s a good win for the team.”

Rutgers Head Coach Mike Rice Quotes

On what he thought was the difference in the second half:

“When they turned their intensity and defensive pressure up we didn’t have a response. We had a lot of turnovers that led to their transition points and our lack of making field goals. Those two things are critical to the game.”

On Sean Kilpatrick’s second half contributions for UC:

“He showed what an All-Conference BIG EAST player looks like. When they needed it they kind of looked to him. There were a couple of shots that he hit that I thought we had the shot challenged and we were there, but he was just better.”

On Justin Jackson’s inside presence:

“All we did was try to work on spacing then going but, you have to land in the paint. You can’t go off of one foot in this league and expect to get a layup. That just doesn’t happen. We’re going to have to work on that.”

On what he thought was the key to UC getting back into the game in the second half:

“Their ability to go from pressure to transition and then us not responding or taking care of the ball and our lack of execution.”