2007-08 Cincinnati Men's Basketball


Marquette at Cincinnati

February 2, 2008

Cincinnati, OH - Fifth Third Arena



Tom Crean, Head Coach

Opening Statement

"I would say first off - as always - in my nine years of coaching at Marquette, we knew coming to play at Cincinnati would be tough. We have always had tremendous respect for them. We knew coming into this game that we would have to be as hard headed as possible. They are one of the toughest minded teams not only in this league but in the nation. Our players had to come in and respond, and they did. We knew we had to get on the boards, and we had to after seeing how they've rebounded. I thought Dominic James played to exhaustion. Hayward has been a constant for us. We knew we beat a good team. The margin of error is really small in this league, and when you play Cincinnati, it is as small as it gets. Our guys are proud to get the win."


On Gaining the Lead

"Our guys matured in a short period of time. When we got down on the road in a couple of games, we wouldn't have a guy step up. We had guys challenge shots, and they held their own in the first half. Our guys held with it. Early on in the game, it was obvious that they were more aggressive than us, and it started late in the first half and carried over to the second half."




Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

"Life in times of BIG EAST basketball. Come out not ready to play against a ranked team you will get out hustled. Handling success is not something we have a lot of experience with, and we failed miserably in that category today. You have to give Marquette a lot of credit because they out hustled us. They didn't hang their head when they missed shots, and they kept hustling. They out rebounded us. For us, we have to figure out why we were winning. Too many guys think we were winning because of our great talent instead of effort."


On Big Men Not Scoring

"I'm concerned that our defense was terrible. I'm worried that our big men are worrying about their offense instead of their defense. You have to rebound the ball and play hard. We have too many guys that are worrying about their points."



Deonta Vaughn, So., G

On Trying To Make Plays

"Not really but I like to try and be the go-to-guy to try and make something for my teammates. I don't try and force anything. I try and do what I can to get myself or my teammates open shots."

John Williamson, Sr., F

On Adam Hrycaniuk's Contributions

"He's a positive. Sometimes it gets too him. It would get to you too if you make a point blank shot. You have to move on to the next play, and make it up somehow on offense and defense. Most of the time for him its defense. He needs to get his head right in the game and keep him confident. It is definitely not a lack of effort."