2008-09 Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Feb. 11, 2009


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University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach


Opening Statement

“Well, we played 32 minutes of great basketball. We got a little sloppy late. You have to give credit to St. John’s for that. Norm Roberts has taught has players to never give up. They did a great job of rebounding the ball, and we did not. We didn’t take care of the ball or rebound the last eight minutes. Fortunately, we were able to get a big lead. We have to learn how to play 40 minutes and take care of the basketball. We gave 17 points off turnovers, which is a big problem.”


On Tonight’s Shooting

“Our passing is really improved. We are getting guys on the same page and adjusting the offense as we learn about our team.  Individually our players – especially our wing guys – they had 10 assists, which is a lot of growth for those guys. I would rather teams guard our players than our plays. Our shooting percentage was a result of the quality of shots we were getting.”




On Yancy’s Performance

“Yancy played a great game, and he is a guy that it has been overdue for him. He does a great job of finishing around the basket. I would like to see him rebound more, and he knows that. We did a good job of getting him the ball in a position where he was comfortable. He has the offensive ability to get 20 points.”


On Younger Guys Learning Defense

“What is happening is our guys have learned what it takes to win. That is the biggest part. It takes kids wanting to win. We have kids that have a lot of pride and want to win. It makes it easy to coach. Eventually, it is why I was pretty confident, because I am with them every day in practice, and I see the kind of character that our guys have.”


On Handling Success

“Yes, my biggest concern, by far, is handling success and accepting praise instead of deflecting. We have tried to adopt here that we shortened practice and we work out on a lot of individual offense. We stay short, and our mantra is ‘be ready on game day.’ If you come out flat, you will lose no matter who you play.”


On Playing Against Pitt

“It is going to be tough. Our guys have yet to play against their big guys, and it is a major concern of mine. It is a great opportunity for us to hold the fort for 40 minutes. We have played great on the road, but we need to play the whole 40. We will be ready to play at 4.”




Yancy Gates, Fr., F

On Making First Eight of Nine Shots

“It was really just the plays coach was calling. He got me open on a lot of cross screens from the guards. I don’t think St. John’s knew we ran those plays.”


On Growing Confidence

“I can feel my confidence growing a little bit more, but I am also becoming more comfortable playing with the upper classmen.”


On Coming Off the Bench

“It really doesn’t matter. I never had the mindset that I had to start. You just have to do your job whether you start or come off the bench. Coming off the bench lets you see the flow of the game before you get in.”


Mike Williams, Sr., F

On Quick Baskets

“Well, coach wanted the whole team to be pumped up tonight and come out really strong. We wanted to get a quick advantage. It was a pretty good advantage.”


On Today’s Game Being Important

“Yes definitely. All week he was telling us that we had to win because we have Pitt on Saturday. To drop this game and go into Pitt, it wouldn’t be good. We needed this to have more momentum and be more pumped up to play Pitt.”


On Today’s Shooting

“If you start off hot, you won’t stay that way. You are going to calm down a little bit, and that is when your defense has to pick up.”


St. John’s University

Norm Roberts, Head Coach


Opening Statement

“We dug ourselves too deep of a hole, and they are a very good team. They shot the ball very well, and we didn’t defend very well. They made too many easy shots, and we just missed so many lay ups driving the ball. Mick’s doing a great job with his team, and they played well.”


On Getting Back In

“Probably defensive pressure and we made a couple of shots that we hadn’t been making.”


On UC’s Big Men’s Effect

“I think they had an effect but a lot of it was us not finishing strong. They did a good job of rotating them.”


On UC’s Shooting

“All you have to do is be good on the night you are playing.”


On Playing Away in BIG EASY

“You just have to focus in and execute. We didn’t execute in some key moments -  both defensively and offensively. If you can get an away win, it is big. If you can get a team when they aren’t playing well at home, you have to make it happen, and they played well tonight.”