Postgame Quotes: No. 15 Georgetown at Cincinnati

Feb. 15, 2013

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No. 15 Georgetown at Cincinnati
Feb. 15, 2013
Fifth Third Arena

Postgame Quotes

University of Cincinnati Quotes

UC Head Coach Mick Cronin
Opening statement:
“Basketball is a game of who makes fewer mistakes. Georgetown made fewer mistakes than us tonight. They also shot the ball a little bit better than us. Obviously, they shot free throws better than we did. It is hard to overcome that against a great team. We tried with maximum effort to do it but we made too many mistakes, didn’t make enough shots or free throws. Effort can only get you so far.”

On fouls down the stretch:
“We always try to do that. We try to get the best shot we can. We were in the one-and-one. That is always our game plan. We missed a wide-open backdoor, a guy didn’t make a back cut and we had too many mistakes and breakdowns. Combine it with a tough shooting night and 56 percent from the foul line, which doesn’t include the front end on one-and-ones.”

On panicking:
“We panicked in the first half. We let our offensive struggles affect our defense, and you can’t do that in basketball. I’m really disappointed in that. The game should have been tied at half. You go on a run and get a five- or six-point lead. The problem is we are digging out of a hole. We start panicking and denying guys and giving up backdoor layups. We went five years without Georgetown having a backdoor layup, and tonight they had four or five.”

On not concentrating:
“Because our guys’ minds are on the wrong thing. You have to continue to concentrate. Shots are going to go in. You are going to go hot or cold, but you can’t panic. If you are struggling to make a shot or a free throw, you have to concentrate on defense, stay focused and don’t try to do too much. It just digs you a hole that is hard to come out of against a great team.”

On JaQuon Parker’s play:
“I told him that I don’t know who they think is going to check in and get 20. I had to yell at him at half time to look at the rim. I love him, but he has the ball over his head.  Sometimes it is everything that I can do to get him to look at the rim. He stepped up and finally, started looking at the rim and even feed the post. Just putting it over your head and reversing it isn’t the answer.”

On Georgetown’s last two field goals:
“Their last two field goals were from guys that we committed to not let beat us. Porter hit a three and we didn’t switch. They were two seniors. Starks went left corner and hit a three over Cheikh that is supposed to be a trap. He shouldn’t have been able to get it off, another senior. You have to be great on defense when you are struggling on offense. We weren’t great. We were good, but we weren’t great, especially late. We let those two guys hit the last two shots they made and then we fouled them. Our goal was to make other people beat us. That was disappointing because we are capable of doing better
than that.”

Cincinnati Player Quotes

No. 44 JaQuon Parker, G
On getting hot in the second half:
“I just made a conscious effort to be more aggressive, take the ball to the hoop and shoot more.”

On feeling if he was on a run with 11 straight points:
“I think we did. Actually we had a flow but it’s like Cashmere (Wright) said, we had too many mental mistakes, too many of us getting back cut for layups. That was the game plan - to not let them get back cuts - and we all got back cut at least once. We just need to correct mental mistakes because we gave up 12 points on back cuts and if we had eliminated that we would have won the game.”

No. 1 Cashmere Wright, G
On free-throw shooting being the difference in tonight’s loss:
“That and a lot of mental mistakes we made on defense. We have to keep pushing in practice, get better and eliminate the things that we are doing on defense that are giving up games for us. We need to focus more at the free-throw line.

On rushing plays in the final five minutes:
“You can look at it either way, but it all came down to the mental mistakes we made on defense that lost the game for us. The last five minutes we were out there trying to make plays. We have to eliminate the mental mistakes and mental breakdowns that we have on defense and we should be fine. We just have to keep going hard and try to get better.”

On if this is a disappointing season so far:
“We are disappointed, but we realize as a veteran team all you have to do is get to the tournament. All you have to do is keep grinding. Right now we are just playing. We are trying to fine tune things, get back to where we were and stop making these metal mistakes on defense.”

Georgetown Head Coach John Thompson

On their defensive efforts against UC tonight:
“I thought it was ok. I thought after a little stretch Jabril (Trawick) did a good job on Kilpatrick. He’s a tough player to guard, but I think overall, and especially at the start of the second half where we tried to stay in zone, we did well. We had to buy ourselves some time because everyone was in foul trouble, then they started hitting some shots and we had to go back to man-to-man.
“I thought we did a good job of forcing them to take difficult shots after they got the easy shots against our zone, but they make difficult shots. They have some very good offensive players. Overall, I thought our defense was pretty good.”

On regrouping after Cincinnati’s 21-7 run in the second half:
“That was a tough stretch where they were picking apart our zone. Like I said before, we were in zone because of the foul situation and were just trying to hold on. Once we went back to man-to-man we settled down a little bit. Also, during that stretch we made some very poor decisions at the offensive end and we were able to eventually settle down with that too.”

On Otto Porter’s timely contributions:
“I think we’ve done a pretty good job of relying more on his teammates to pick up the slack when he’s out of the game. It’s a team effort. This was a very good win for us in a place where we haven’t won in a while. Do we want Otto on the court? Absolutely. Coming down the stretch Otto and Markel (Starks) along with Nate (Lubick) are the guys that have to make plays, and tonight they did.”

Georgetown Player Quotes

#5, Markel Starks, Guard
On his free throws at the end of the game:
“I shoot a lot of free throws every day. It just hurts when I miss one or two because in my head I think, I shoot so many of them. At the same time, you have to keep your composure because the crowd gets going and your nerves start to go. You just have to keep your composure and stay calm. You practice this shot every day. You just have to stay with it. I am glad I hit them.”

On how big this win was:
“This is a big win. Like Coach said, we haven’t won here in some years. It is good to come out and finally get a win here. It is a tough place to play. We are thankful that we came in and got the win.”

On the defensive challenge that UC’s three guards gave them:
“It is really difficult. They are great on-ball defenders. They do a good job of having their big guys do a lot of helping. They are a good defensive team and I think that was prevalent tonight. I did think that it is a testament to our offense as well. Having come out and gotten a win versus such a good defense. We still have some things that we need to sharpen up. We will continue to get better.”