Cincinnati-Seton Hall Postgame Quotes

Feb. 18, 2012

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Seton Hall at Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Feb. 18, 2012

Postgame Quotes
Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin

Opening statement:
"Fortunately, we were able to get a lead and milk it down. I thought that we did a lot of good things in the game and did enough to win. We struggled offensively in the second half, but I give Seton hall all the credit for that. Kevin does a great job and I told our guys `we stand around and they win. That's what they try to do.' They match up and we stood around in the second half.  You have to go inside when that happens, and we didn't. I give Kevin all the credit for that. They did a tremendous job. They won that battle, and we didn't get the job done offensively, which gave them a chance to hang around."

On Dion Dixon:
"He was aggressive. There is no doubt about that. I have to do a better job with him on making shots inside the paint. He's 3 for 10 inside the paint. He has to keep working at it. You have to shoot with two hands on two feet. You have to make sure you have balance."

On the technical foul:
"I didn't like it. If that's a T, you can call 15 Ts in a BIG EAST game. I think when big guys are getting wacked at the way he did, that's a natural reaction. Obviously, I'll watch it on film, but I was standing right there. That is my opinion. I didn't think it was enough to go to the monitor. With what we have been through; we've talked about that all year. That is our first technical foul all year - player or coach. You have officials trying to make the NCAA tournament, so they aren't afraid to blow the whistle."

On Jaquon Parker's rebounding:
"You can't play four guards without him. He is a guard on offense and plays twice his size on defense. That is where I have to do a better job in recruiting. I need more guys with his toughness. The problem in coaching is we all complain. We marvel about Marquette's toughness and we complain about our guys. The answer is recruit guys like Jaquon Parker and you'll get toughness. It's the hardest thing to evaluate when you are watching kids play. Everyone is looking for the guy with great talent. I think the most underrated talent is toughness. Larry Davis called me from the Virginia state tournament and told me this kid (Parker) is an animal. I asked how big he was. He said 6-3. I asked what position does he play, and he said it doesn't matter. Moral of the story is: they won the state tournament and he is mister basketball as a junior."

Cincinnati player quotes
No. 3-Dion Dixon, G

On the urgency to win to improve the chances of making the NCAA Tournament coming into play today:
"It is my last go-around, so I am trying to get there. I am just trying to give it all on both ends of the floor for my team. It definitely feels different being in the situation that we are in. We must win games. It feels different but I just go out there and try to give my all and help the team out and it helped them out today."

On what kind of shape the team is in for their NCAA Tournament chances after winning two games in a row:
"I think we are still in must-win situations. Early in the season we had some tough losses that don't look good on our resume, so we have the same urgency every game. We feel like we must win-out."

On lessons learned from tough home losses, like the home loss against St. John's, helping today:
"Yeah, in a way it did because we had a young team, you have to go through things like that as a young team. We have gotten better as the season as gone on and we have come together close right now down to the stretch."

On coming up with a big block after pushing their shooters out past the three-point line:
"We wanted to take away their three-point shots. We didn't want to give them an attempt because it will go in, hand up, whatever. So, I just jumped up and tried to block it and use my athleticism and it helped me out that time."

On Yancy Gates' technical foul possibly hurting the team:
"It kind of hurt, but we had to regroup, we regrouped. Teams go on runs, so stuff like that happens in games. So, you just can't let it get to you. Just keep playing and that's what we did. We did a good job of that today. I actually didn't think he even deserved a technical, he was just clearing space or whatever, but that is another story."

No. 44-JaQuon Parker, G
On hitting big shots after Seton Hall made its scoring runs:
"To tell you the truth, I didn't even know. I just took what was open and tried to make a play with that."

On being able to rebound against Seton Hall's taller interior players:
"I don't know, you just see the ball come off the rim and you get position. With us playing with four guards, somebody has got to rebound. We all have to rebound as a group. Coach Cronin said a lot about rebounding, so I think we all make a conscience effort about rebounding. You just try to outhustle them to the ball."

Seton Hall head coach Kevin Williard
On starting with a 10-0 deficit:
"I think it was the 18-4 deficit that hurt us more. We came out and played a little soft offensively again. That's been one of our issues that we have been doing. We missed a couple of easy shots that kind of deflated us a little bit. They did a good job of capitalizing on it."

On Cincinnati's defense against the three:
"They did a very good job of defending it. They were out there on us. They switched on some things that bothered us. But, for the most part, we had some open looks. We just didn't make them."

On if this game impacts Seton Hall's chances of making the NCAA tournament:
"This is a good basketball team, Cincinnati. I know people complain about their non-conference schedule, but they've got nine (conference) wins. They've got some great road wins. We knew it was going to be touch to win here. Ultimately, we have to win our home games. So, it's evenly matched, but at the end of the day, you can't lose a road game and think that's the end of your shot. I'm just glad the conference sent us here two years in a row. I enjoy seeing Mick and his family."

On the play of Dion Dixon:
"Dion's great. I wish I had Dion. I think the staff here has done a terrific job with him and putting him in great opportunities to score. He's a senior. He's tough. He's been through it. I love everything about Dion. They've done a great job with him. And, he's a terrific kid, just the way he plays, you just love watching him play. So, I'm not surprised by anything Dion does or any of the players. I think they bring in great kids at this university that the coaches should be really proud of."