Postgame Quotes - Marquette at Cincinnati

Feb. 21, 2010

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University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Hard fought game. Extremely disappointing ending for us. Game came down to one stat. Marquette is 16-of-17 from the free throw line and Cincinnati is 8-of-16. That pretty much sums it up. 50 percent at the foul line and Marquette is 94 percent. You can talk about a lot of things back in forth. We have to make free throws. Marquette can score the ball. I thought the winning score would be 70; you had to get to at least 70. We got to 68, and in regulation we were 6-of-12 from the foul line. We were put into a crucial situation that you had to get stops because we couldn’t make free throws. We led on every other stat. We had fewer turnovers and more assists.”


On Yancy Gates

“He was really struggling defensively. They were running around out there. Jimmy Butler is a small forward. We had our best defender on Jimmy Butler, and they called a foul. I thought Rashad played pretty good defense. Once (Yancy) sat too long, it becomes you putting him in a bad situation because he has been sitting. Thomas was doing fine out there at that time. We had pretty good control of the situation util we missed a free throw and Hayward hit that three. I was concerned they were really starting to exploit him defensively. I saw it going the wrong way.”


On the Team’s Psyche

“It is a concern. One thing I tell the team, if you win today, you still have to beat DePaul. As a group of guys, you have to turn off TV and internet, and go back to practice. The thing about our league is that it never goes like ‘someone will win this game and then lose this one.’ We have to hope that it doesn’t shake out like that. For us, we have to make some free throws. It has really hurt us in numerous games this year.  


On Last Play of Regulation

“We were trying to go at the basket. We wanted to cut Thomas out of there, and Wright to go to the basket. They might have denied him or Deonta. You never know. They both like to drive a certain way. Hayward just switched off of Thomas and said he wasn’t going to let it happen. Rashad thought the clock was going to run out, or he would have driven it.”


On Lance Stephenson’s Struggles

“Tough to say today. He was struggling to get into the flow and the other guys were playing better. In defense of him, he didn’t play a whole lot so it is hard to grade him on his performance. When you are a guard, it is hard to live up to the expectations people set when you struggle to make shots. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you are a guard, it is hard to make shots.”


On Free Throw Shooting

“Thomas and I worked really hard centering his alignment. We worked hard with Yancy, and he has worked hard, too. You have to work on them. You have to believe in form, follow through and technique. As far as the mental, we won’t beat it into them. But they have to know it is important to step up with some confidence and knock the ball in.”


On Movement in Offense

“We struggled on offense against South Florida. We were 1-of-8 from three and 1-of-4 from the foul line. In the second half for about four minutes, they didn’t guard Rashad. If he would have knocked one of those (3-pointers) in, they would have had to change how they guarded. We changed some things to get more movement.”


Player Quotes

Larry Davis, Jr., G

On Free Throw Shooting

“Free throws are something you have to get into the gym and work on. We have been working on it, but we got the bad end of the stick today.”


Deonta Vaughn, Sr., G

On End of Regulation Play

“We went with either Cash or me to get the ball. Thomas was supposed to set a fade screen so we could clear it. They still stayed with us, and we didn’t get a good shot off.”


On Losing

“We knew we needed this win. Now we just have to fight for these last four games. We have some games we can win, and then play well in the tournament. That would put us right back on the bubble.”




Marquette University

Buzz Williams, Head Coach

On Game Plan

“We had to keep the ball out of the paint, and we had to limit their second shots. We had to be in the gaps because they are so good off the bounce. We had to have great ball pressure and flood the gaps. I think Cincinnati is really good. I think they have 11 high major players. I think Mick does a really good job with the different things they did offensively.”


On Lazar Hayward

“He means everything. He was 1-of-11 before he made his second shot. When he shot his 12th shot of the game, he thought it was a basket and so did our team. I think there are very few guys that have that much faith in their leader. Our team does.”


On UC’s Offense

“Dion Dixon had not made a three in BIG EAST play, and then he couldn’t miss. He made 3 of their 8. Larry Davis that is what he does best. When they went small, we matched up better. At the end of regulation, we were switching everything. That helped us because very rarely can we switch anything because we’ll have a midget guarding a 6-6 guy.”


On Exploiting Yancy Gates

“That’s what we wanted to do. I don’t think we did a great job of it. I think he is really good. He runs the floor in transition way better than most. I don’t think we exploited him or Steve. I think Ibrahima is so skilled that he is not a 4 or 3, but he is just a player. That was one of the things that we wanted to do, but I would have to study it a little bit more.”