Post-game Quotes: DePaul at Cincinnati

Feb. 24, 2010

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University of Cincinnati


Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

”Obviously we had a great rebounding effort by our team tonight. We had 28 rebounds from three guys. We did a tremendous job of pounding the glass and getting the ball inside and finishing. We have had some games where we have offensive rebounding and not put it back in. We are who we are. We aren’t the best shooting team, and we have to continue working on it. We have to continue playing defense, and we’ll have to do that to win games. We have to work on making shots and free throws. We have to play to our strengths. We can’t rely on making shots. We have to play great defense. We understand who we play coming up. We understand we have to finish strong around the basket. We can’t plan on winning making jump shots.”


On Lance Stephenson and Yancy Gates

“(Yancy Gates) scored because he went and rebounded it. That is the answer, which is what his father and myself have been telling him. We were able to get him more touches in the second half. Lance did a good job of getting rebounds. When you have great defensive intensity and great rebounding, it is amazing how it translates over. Obviously, we have some other guys who didn’t have great games. We’re going to have to get everyone on the same page and playing well. Even though Thomas only had two points, I think he had a good game.”


On Free Throw Shooting

“I’m going to tell you that with our group our biggest problem is our attempts to play to the level of the competition. We have created bad habits with that. We had a lack of concentration. Deonta Vaughn and Lance Stephenson go 6-for-13 from the free throw line. I understand the big guys because they have bad nights, but our guards it is a lack of concentration. Some of it is mental. You have to play great defense and rebound and it won’t matter. That is the hand we were dealt.”


On Deonta Vaughn

“He was the first guy at practice yesterday and shootaround today trying to get himself out of it. Only thing you can do is keep working at it. Get his rest and get back in the gym to keep working on it. He has had senioritis all year having too much pressure on himself trying to make it. You feel for kids in that situation. He wants to win and get to the NCAA tournament. If you knew the background of some of my players, you understand the pressures that are on them to try and make it as a basketball player.”


On Deonta in Practice

“He tries in practice. I think he made the mistake of coming into the year overconfident because of the success he had of being all Big East for two years. The problem is if he is not ready to go then he loses his edge. He is a grinder. He has to have his edge about him. He isn’t the best athlete or the fastest. His whole life he has been the toughest and toughest minded on the court.”


On Morgantown

“Two things I’ll tell you. I know Coach Huggins. His team lost their last game. Not good for the Bearcats. We won the game last year. Not good for the Bearcats. I just gave a brief overview to our guys of what the West Virginia players are going through in preparation simply because they lost their last game. We need to win more than they do, and that is the message. We need to understand. We are walking into the lion’s den; we may want to be prepared.”






Player Quotes

Lance Stephenson, Fr., G

On Only Playing 11 Minutes against Marquette

“It just made me want to go in the gym more. I stayed in the gym till 2 a.m. yesterday working on my stuff and trying to be perfect for today’s game.”


On Running Offense

“I have been trying to do that but I haven’t been rebounding that well. I have been rebounding harder than I have. I have been trying to get fast breaks to get someone open or a shot for me.”


On the Dunk

“I just went to the basket hard. I knew I could dunk on people. I just went hard and he lifted me a little bit. I tried to do it in the second half but he pushed me.”


Yancy Gates, So., F

On This Win

“Just keeping hope alive to make a run for the last three games with the tournament. That is what this game was; especially after losing Marquette.”


On Redemption from Last Year

“Just a little bit. it was still in the back of our heads. A couple of us talked about it from last year in the BIG EAST. We didn’t want to lose this game at all. Not just for last year, but this year.”


On Making a Run for the NCAA

“We have to play extremely hard and better than we have lately. It will take a huge push from the whole team not just a few players. We feel that we have the players to do that.”




DePaul University


Tracy Webster, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Not one of our better efforts at all to finish the game or start the game. We emphasized all week for the last couple of days offensive rebounding and blocking guys out. It doesn’t matter because we have to have the effort to be really good; that will help us win games. Our guys know that we didn’t come out with the same intensity, and now we have to do that in our next game against Rutgers. We’ll learn from it, watch film and get better with it.”


On Coming Out with Intensity

“You continue to talk to these guys that life doesn’t go the way you want it. You have to keep coming out and keep fighting. If you have a 9-to-5 job, you can’t give up when things don’t go right. You have to have that energy to do a better job. We keep emphasizing that to them.”


On Keeping Will Walker in Check in First Half

“I think he missed some open shots early, not to take anything away from their defense. We were trying to get inside to Mac (Koshwal). We had him moving a little bit more and coming off ball screens to get their big guys to not help so much. Will did a good job in transition and he split some ball screens early.”