Cincinnati-USF Postgame Quotes

Feb. 26, 2012

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Cincinnati at USF
Tampa Bay Times Forum
Feb. 26, 2012

Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin
" I looked at this game two ways. We battled really hard but we didn't' follow the game plan, which was stop Collins from driving the paint, stop all the guys from driving the paint and when they play high-low with their bigs, make sure we're in the paint. We didn't do that.

"We gave them way too many easy baskets that we didn't make them earn because we weren't following the game plan, which is on the staff. It's our job to make sure we follow the game plan, so I'm very upset with the staff and myself right now.

"The end of the game is really disappointing because we finally started following the game plan and they can't score and now we foul them and let them win the game. Two dumb fouls. The last foul should have never happened. Neither foul should have happened because why are we even letting the ball get to the paint?"