Cincinnati-Connecticut Postgame Quotes


Feb. 27, 2011

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POSTGAME QUOTES: Cincinnati vs. Connecticut

Feb. 27, 2011 Fifth Third Arena Cincinnati, Ohio

University of Cincinnati Quotes

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement …

“I thought there were two major factors today. Number one was our 17 turnovers and 10 of them were within 2 feet of the rim. They just slapped the ball away from us. Second thing our guards were outplayed as much as could be possible today. Really everything else is just talk. At the end of the day, their guards outplayed our guards unmercifully, and we got 8 to 10 turnovers.”

On Guards Being Outplayed …

“I’m talking about every possible aspect that you could get outplayed. The way they played the pick-n-roll versus the way we used it; loose balls, running their team, mental focus. Every possible way.”

On Play …

“It’s disappointing. At some point, when you play at the level we play at, if you don’t play well, you are going to lose. Justin is a freshman and he struggled with turnovers. It’s hard to overcome when the guys you rely on in the back court, play the way they play. Somehow Rashad got kicked in the toe, and it was bugging him really bad. He’s the one guy that was here to play and ready to play out of our backcourt. That killed us. The rest of the guys weren’t ready to play. That is a term I hate because I don’t understand it. It is just the facts and I knew it. I saw it coming Friday and Saturday. That’s why we had extra meetings, extra talks, and I didn’t get the job done.”

On Player’s Mentality…

“They don’t have the killer mentality. Everybody needs to show up ready to fight and play. You may miss shots, but personality wise, between the lines they are too laid back. We really didn’t play great on offense. To win consistently in this league, you have to get to a point to impose yourself. That’s what I’ve been trying to build towards from the beginning. You aren’t always going to make shots, but I obviously still have some work to do with these guys. We didn’t come with the mentality of fighting and scraping today. Some of our guys came with the mentality that they had lunch reservations somewhere.”

On Having Leadership …

“When you have that kind of guy on your team, they may not win the game, but that kind of guy is always going to make sure his teammates are ready. You won’t get caught sleeping. Rashad has done much better by leading by example. He’s the one guy that was bringing some toughness – knocking in some shots, getting deflections and competing. When he tried to play, he was really struggling. I’m hoping his injury that won’t linger because we play Wednesday Saturday. That is probably my biggest concern right now.”

On Coaching Players …

“I don’t want to coach a guy to want to be a good player.  The hardest thing to know is what’s inside a guy how much fight they have in them. They have it. All you have to do is watch the last three games. Human nature is to embrace success. The minute you do you will pay the price in our league. The hardest part for me is I saw it the last few days, and I couldn’t stop it.”


University of Connecticut

Jim Calhoun, Head Coach

Opening Statement…

“Well given the week that I personally had emotionally with my family, I couldn’t have gotten a better present from my young players to reemerge. We were worried about them hitting a wall. We were concerned that it was getting to a point that they were physically and emotionally beat. I thought that we really got great combinations from tonight. The key tonight was just to come out and play some basketball, advance our seeding, and get towards the NCAA tournament. Down the stretch, that they are playing the best of the two teams – UC and St. John’s. The older you are the season wears a little bit less on you. Villanova is a thin team and Georgetown in their time was wearing down. We needed our young guys to wear down. Mick has done a great job, and this is an NCAA team. Great win for us on the road and we’ll see Cincinnati back in the tournament and NCAA tournament.”

On Kemba Walker Getting Third Foul…

“I didn’t sit him long. I wanted to get him to stay away from sideline plays. That sideline plays you can’t get involved with. I’m just proud that the biggest thing we did in the game is that we had an answer. “

On Responding After Marquette Loss…

“I was astounded when I walked in. We had an early class. The gym was bubbling and they couldn’t wait to get to the floor. They responded especially well. When we shoot over 50%, we are a good team. I thought we got some really good looks. We did a great job of beating a very good team.”