Postgame Quotes

March 7, 2009

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University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach


Opening Statement

“Well, obviously this is a disappointing loss. All losses are. When you control a majority of the game, it is more disappointing when you lose. For the most part, until overtime, our defense was excellent. We lost the game with turnovers and missed free throws. Obviously, we aren’t shooting the ball very well. It is a hard game when you can’t score. But a lot of that is because they started getting aggressive. When you go 7-of-15 at the free throw line, and a lot of those were front ends of one-and-one’s, you are giving away a lot of points. You make three more of those and you win the game. You have a lead, and you need to make free throws and not turn the ball over. Our guys are far from quitting and before anyone asks that, you just have to look at the defensive statistics on the game and the rebounding. We learned today that your margin for error is not very great when you don’t have overwhelming superior talent. You have to be able to rebound the ball, make three throws, and not turn over the ball. We dominated the first half because we only had four turnovers. The whole key to this game was to not turn the ball over. Second half, we had numerous turnovers and it led to our demise.”


On Turnovers

“The kind of turnovers we had were steals and it shows on the statistics with them having 10. They shot the way they shot because of our defense. Our guys play hard and are focused.”


On Senior Day

“Tremendous effort, great guys and great people. Hopefully, Mike gets another shot. He has had a rough go his entire year. Connor and Branden are great kids; especially Branden, who was here for four years, and loved every minute of it. Some guys could have walked away from it. In the first nine months, he had three different coaches. He is a great kid. We need to replace him because he brought a lot to the table at practice.”


On Deonta Finding His Shot

“The minus side is we can’t find him. We need to do a better job of finding him. He is playing point guard for us, and we need to get him more open shots.”


On Plans Until BIG EAST Tournament

“We are going to meet on that. We are leaving Monday morning. Somehow, we have got to relax and go play hard. We have struggled. We are going to play DePaul. We got the lead with them, and they hung in. We don’t have enough killer instinct and we don’t understand that you have to put teams away. It has obviously come back to bite us. Our inexperience shows with that. It all comes with playing 40 minutes. If I had one thing that frustrated me is our inability to play 40 minutes of intensity on both ends of the floor. When we play all 40, we are a really good team. That is where we have to grow up.”




Mike Williams, Sr., F

On Knee

“Yeah, it feels ok, but it is still al little sore, but I can play through it.”


On Getting a Sixth Year

“Well, I think I have a pretty good chance. I will deal with that after season. I am concentrating on Madison Square Garden.”


On Branden and Connor’s Contributions

“I think they bring the toughness and attitude to win. “


On Preparing for DePaul

“We just need to pay attention to details and continue to play hard. The way I see it, I’m curious to go to practice and see what coach’s game plan is and go from there. “


On Trying to Relax

“I think coach is talking about the silly mistakes that we shouldn’t be making. He is looking at those and wants us settle down more. “



Deonta Vaughn, Jr., G

On Branden and Connor’s Contribution

“I think they are great players on and off the court. Connor, besides football, he played basketball. He was there for people, who didn’t know what to do on the court. Branden was there to help also. He helped me out a little bit, and he helped me with my shot.  He helped me in the last couple of games because he had said I was fading out. “


On Playing DePaul

We just have to play them the same way we did the first time. We have to get easy buckets just like coach said. We have to get transition baskets against teams and steals. We have to do a better job of executing our offense. When we do get a lead, we have to keep it. We can’t let them get back in the game, and go out there with a good, killer instinct.


On Playing in Madison Square Garden

I just look at it as another game. It is a different location. Everybody isn’t going to have 100% fans unless they are a top team in the country. We just have to go out there and play and maybe our fans will come to Madison Square Garden.


On Team’s Lapses

“I really don’t know why we have those lapses. We have people with experience, and you can’t blame it on people’s injuries. Everybody has to play hard on our team. I see that some of us or the younger guys who haven’t had a lot of playing time. We can’t let the lead slip away from us, and give them easy points. We should have been up more than 8, but we did some silly things. We didn’t out rebound them in the second half as far as offensive rebounds. “


On Last Play In Regulation

“We were running the play. I saw that they went zone and called a play. They overplayed and at the same time, I wanted to pass it to Alvin, who was wide open. Alvin went away from it, and the ball slipped before I could get it back. It would have been a sad way to lose like that. I did everything I could in overtime for us to win. I thought coach drew up a great play for us. “