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March 9, 2008

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Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin

I always believe in giving the winning team credit. We haven't played well of late and we looked like a tired ball club that went through a terrible debacle with our travel situation the last three days. But you have to give Connecticut credit. When they make perimeter shots the way they made them today, combined with their size and athleticism, they're a devastating team.

On difference between this game and last
We were able to score on them in Cincinnati, obviously. They shot the ball better. When they shoot the ball extremely well they can beat anyone in the country. Because of their size and athleticism, if they make perimeter shots the way they made them tonight, especially early in the game, it doesn't leave you with a lot of options as a coach, unless you have the size and athleticism to match them. We're not at that point, obviously.

On Vaughn
I'm sure they were probably committed to doing a better job on him. We didn't do a good job of getting him open, and he didn't do a good job himself. It's a snowball situation.




UConn Head Coach Jim Calhoun

Games like that - it happened to us at Michigan State one afternoon, there was nothing that you could do. To give our kids a little bit of credit, we were really, really concerned about Vaughn number one, who lit us up for 34 (last game). We didn't do any hedging, helping, on defense down in Providence....That was our low point, defensively.... Tonight, we came out and played great, great defense. In turn, as our defense got good, our offense got terrific. I'm sure with the situation that Cincinnati had getting here, I've been on benches, not an awful lot of times, but a few times, where you're helpless and there's nothing you can do.... Those nights do happen.

No way do I want to take away from our kids, but I understand what Mick probably was going through. It didn't seem like anything he did worked. We were just in a groove.

We tried to make it a statement game that we can play defense. That was my whole key.

We got ourselves a nice close of the season.

For a team that started off two and three in the league, to be 13 and five is certainly a very good accomplishment.

On Robinson
That's five or six games in a row where he has been absolutely terrific. He played better defense tonight. He didn't play really good defense down in Providence even though he offense and rebounding were good. He gives us a big front line and makes it so much better for us. I expect him to play well in the BigEast tournament....I have that feeling about him right now.

On Thabeet
Big picture-wise, he needs another year of college, offensively. Defensively, he doesn't

UConn Forward Jeff Adrien
On his three-pointer
It was a matter of time that I finally hit one. If I hit a three, it is going to be a great thing,. I should do it more often.

On the difference in the two games vs. Cincinnati
Just lock down their one player, and that was the difference, shut him down, and no one else on their team was in double figures. We always knew, if you locked down Vaughan you lock down the whole team and that's what we did.

We executed everything that we needed to do we played great defense, and offensively we scored and ran, When we run it opens up the window for a lot of things and it showed today, we played one of our best games.

UConn Guard Jerome Dyson
On Defense

We really locked them up and didn't let them get baskets and that is the basketball that we want to play. We just did a good job denying. Coach told us if we stopped Vaughn and Williamson from scoring then the game will come easy for us because they score the majority of their points.

On his comeback
I am feeling better each day. I am not close to being 100 percent. Sometimes I am out there a little bit loss of breath, but it is all coming together slowly but surely.

On BIG EAST Tournament
I feel that we have a great opportunity to win the whole thing. Getting a bye really helps us out. Last year we came in a little banged up, and we just ran out of gas at the end. We are charged up and ready to go now.

UConn Center Hasheem Thabeet
We just came out and tried to play defense today. All the games we won, we won from playing defense. We went out there and played as hard a defense as we can and completely took them out of their game.

The whole team played great defense.

Did it feel good to bounce back from the Providence game?
We needed this win. Before the game, we talked to each other and we said we have to make a statement. Everybody will know we're coming, everybody's going to be ready in New York and we must play the game we're capable of playing. The key statement was playing defense. We held them to 27%. It was just great team defense. And if we keep playing like this, there's no way we're going to lose a game.

What did it mean to break Alonzo Mourning's the Big East record for blocks?
I did? I went out there to play the game and have fun. I play to have my team win. It's a team thing, but I'm really happy about that.

On his three bocks in a row?
When I block shots, I don't stop. I always go for the next one and the next one and keep blocking it.

Was this your last game in this building?
It was my last game this season. There are a couple more seasons to come, so I'm looking forward to that.

UConn Guard Craig Austrie
This was a statement game for us. We played poorly against Providence and we just wanted to come out and make a statement.

We locked down on defense and they got frustrated. They didn't have the same fire that they came out with.

What was said after the Providence game?
We just said we're not going to let that happen again. It happened twice this year, unfortunately against the same team. We just didn't want to embarrass ourselves like that again.

Have you ever been involved in a game like this?
No. They were on about a 12 minute drought and that's something special for a team to do. It's not like they're a bad team. They're a good team. They have a bunch of players that can play. It was good to see that we could lock down like that.