Cincinnati-Carleton Postgame Quotes

Oct. 26, 2013

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Cincinnati 77, Carleton 63 (Exhibition)
Oct. 26, 2013
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Mick Cronin
Opening statement:
“I think this might be the earliest game ever played at Fifth Third, but we needed to play because, obviously, with the new rule practicing since Sept. 28th, it was good for us to get somebody else in here and get some resistance. Nobody better to do it against than the best team in Canada, best coach in Canada, and two-time player of the year in Canada.

“So it was a great day for us practice wise and we are a different team with a much different philosophy in a lot of ways, being a deeper, smaller, faster team; playing through our post guys or at least trying to and a lot more than we did a year ago.

“Having the young guys will be a work in progress for a lot of them, but their effort and attitude was great. I thought our seniors were tremendous even Dave (Nyarsuk) gave us some quality minutes. He had five rebounds in nine minutes and that’s what Dave is really going to give us.

“So there were a lot of positives other than our free-throw shooting and our first-half defense. We were flat footed and it took us a while to get our intensity level to get it where we needed to get it. I thought the first 15 minutes or so we were just way too passive defensively and that caused them to get the open three’s that they got and play at that pace. They got some open three’s in the second half but they were the ones that we wanted them to take which was outside of their offense.”

On Justin Jackson taking what he learned from practice and incorporating it into today’s game:
“I was mostly happy with the fact that he only had one foul and like he said he shouldn’t have gotten that one. That was a big adjustment for him because first of all he has always played the four his whole career, and from a defensive stand point he has been switching a lot not playing a lot of post defense. I think it will help him block more shoots being at the rim -- guarding the other team’s five man. That is an adjustment for him and they obviously didn’t have as big or as strong a guy that he will have to deal. I got to do a better job of getting him denying the post entry, same with Jermaine Lawrence. But he has been great since we have started, and since we met after the season, he has made the total transformation on and off the floor, with his focus and he has been very mature and it is showing in his game.”

On his thought of his point guard play:
“Ge’Lawn (Guyn) got into foul trouble which caused him to struggle with his flow, so we had to send him to the bench. Brent Hampton told me the other day that there was a game with 70 plus fouls so we did a pretty good job in that area, but that is an adjustment and it’s hard for Ge’Lawn to get into any type of flow if he isn’t out there. I thought Troy (Caupain) did really well for his first game and he will continue to get better as we go.

On if he thought the new hand-check rule came into play as much:
“A little bit, especially on the one back tip that Kevin (Johnson) had and I think everyone in the arena thought it was a steal and I will ask for a rules clarification for that one. The refree said that he had touched him but I don’t understand that one and it was pretty late. I think the guys with the whistles are also trying to figure it out too, with what they are supposed to call and what they aren’t, but I have told our guys our advantages other than Dave (Nyrasuk) are guys are forwards and not power forwards so they are all quick. So Justin (Jackson), Titus (Rubles), and Jermaine (Lawrence) are guys that, if they are guarded by a big man, they are hard to guard at the elbows and foul line area or off the post were they face up and attack. The fact that Justin started off the game with those bank shots makes you have to guard him and it is pretty easy for him to go by his guy and put a foul on him. He would have gotten 20 plus if they didn’t start trapping him.”

UC Player Quotes
#23 Sean Kilpatrick, G

On how he felt about their play today:

“Yes, especially because it’s the first game and we are playing five freshmen. They did everything they were supposed to do, but we all can still improve and get better.”

On the team’s potential:
“We have a lot of potential, but it’s a long season and a lot more games to be played and practices to get through. We realize our potential and sky’s the limit.”

On the lack of team 3-pointers taken today:
“We were just taking what the defense gave us, which is something coach really stressed in practice. He didn’t want us to go out there and shoot bad shots. We need to grind the defense out and work to get the shots we want.”

#5 Justin Jackson, F

On his quick start:
“I’m just doing what I’ve been doing which is playing my game and playing with confidence.”

On how he likes the way he was used in today’s game:
“Yes, most centers can’t guard me, and with the new hand-check rule, if they put their hands on me it’s a foul. If they play off me, I’ll shoot the bank. If they play to close, I’ll go past you, so it’s a win-win for me. If I can stay out of foul trouble sky’s the limit for us.”

Carleton Head Coach, Dave Smart

On the difference in the game:

"Athleticism. That is why we come down here to deal with better athletes and exploit some of our weaknesses especially at the offensive end in terms of getting in the paint off the dribble and things like that. That is what these games do. It is fun playing them because they defend well and athletically they are so much better than us."

On some positives he can take away from this game:

"I am not very happy with the way that we played so it is hard to find positives in terms of things we did well. It is good playing them because it is easy to break down the tape and tape doesn't lie. Sometimes for us when we are playing other teams, especially good teams at home, the crowd gets us going or the other team is not as fired up. When things like that happen and the tape doesn't indicate as much as this tape will indicate. For us it is good because we know who we are playing against. We are playing against a very good team on the road and we got exploited and we can watch it."

On how Sean Kilpatrick impacted the game:

"I think he is a great player. Obviously he played on the USA team that Phillip Scrub played for for Canada and he is an experienced guy. He is efficient. Defensively, he is solid. He is not a steal guy, he is just solid. He impacts the game because he doesn't make a lot of mistakes yet he still fills up the stat sheet. It is not like he is spectacular, you know, he is just good. He is a good player."

On his impressions of UC:

"They are a Mick team. They defend hard and get after it on the boards. They are what they always are and they seem to be a team that likes each other and plays well together. They obviously, as he would say, you have to make adjustments when you lose three starters, but it's not like they aren't filling those spots with very talented guys who seem to have bought in. They are going to be a very good team. By the time they get to conference, they are going to be really good."