2010-11 University of Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Nov. 1, 2010

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Postgame Quotes

Carleton vs. Cincinnati

November 1, 2010



University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach


Opening Statement

"Obviously, our guys played extremely hard tonight. We had 42 deflections. We got off to a slow start offensively, but that's because we haven't played anyone since our trip to Canada. Carleton is one of the hardest-minded teams you'll find. We were able to wind them down defensively and our bench played a part in that. Once fatigue played into the game, Carleton fell into trouble. They had a point guard that wasn't here; he was home in Canada sick. It would have been a closer game if he had been here. All-in-all it was a good game. I would have been happier with more assists. I was happy that we were able to come out in the second half and only have 4 turnovers."




On Compared to Game in Canada

"Offensively, we weren't as good tonight as we were in Canada. Since practice has started, we've been focused on building our defense inside out. We had a lot of offense, and we know we will have to be able to defend to win. We were better defensively tonight then we were up there."


On Justin Jackson's High Energy

"He has to stop fouling. Justin is going to have a great career here as time goes by and he learns how to play college basketball. It is a lot different than high school. He does a lot of things for us. Rarely, do you find a big guy that can throw passes like he can. He is getting guys layups. It is good to have a guy in the high post that can pass like he can. He had four steals and five rebounds in sixteen minutes. He's going to affect the game in different ways. He won't rely on scoring to affect the game."


On Talking More on Defense

"You have to be committed. Talking on defense may be a little corny, but I'd rather be corny and win than be cool and lose. You have to be bought into everything. That is something we talk about buying in."


On Dion Dixon Compared from Last Year
"A tough year for him. Lance took a lot of his minutes. We talk a lot about things don't go your way in life. You can pack up and go home, or you can dig in deep. He has been unbelievable. His commitment and his shooting, it is paying off for him, and it will all year. What you saw tonight is not a fluke. He can't get overconfident. If you are going to have a good team, you have to have guys that will consistently put the ball in."


On Anthony McClain

"He is ready to play now, and he put on some weight this summer. He's smart. He knows how to play and position himself. He's looking to play a role like Bryan Zoubek did for Duke last year, except that he is coming off the bench.


On Free Throw Shooting

"We've worked extremely hard at the foul line. We don't want to jinx it, but you have to keep on working on it. It's the same as shooting; you have to be committed to it. Our effort to rebound our misses was excellent on the misses."


On Three Point Defense

"I tried to use some teaching points with the guys. At our level, guys make tough shots. Thompson is a great shooter for them. The answer is to not give them the attempt. We come with a scouting report that the guy is a shooter, and you can't let them go 4-of-5. Some of that was being confused in our press defense."


On Positives of Game

"Our ability to score the ball, because I know if we can continue to score the ball, we're going to win a lot of games. We're going to play defense and get rebounds. We have competitive players that want to win. Their attitude is great and they are big and physical. We have to be able to get the ball in the basket. Our league is too good. If you score in the 60s, it will be life and death."




Player Quotes

Yancy Gates, Sr., F

On Difference From Last Year's Offense

"Being from high school, we were all the main guys who scored. Coming into college, you are young and mature and you don't know how to accept that. We are a year older with this offense, and it is better that way. It doesn't matter who scores. We just want to take good shots as a team."


On Hard Work Paying Off

"The game kind of speaks for itself. We focused on working hard whether it is in practice or playing. We worry about working hard and executing. I think by working hard this summer and in practice that it carries over to the game. It helps and it shows a little bit. We are going to keep on trying to move forward.


On The Hard Work

"Getting out this summer and seeing how hard other people work. We were younger and grew up a little bit. Working hard is a big thing for us. Those games where you lose by 1 or 2 can get you to win by 1 or 2."


On The Offense

"As a team we are comfortable. I think we only had 16 assists. We tried to push for more. We are pushing for a team concept. It keeps everyone happy out on the floor. That is a big thing for us to move the ball around and take the good shots."



Sean Kilpatrick, R-Fr., G

It's been good especially with these guys helping me along. With coach and everyone telling me to stay focused and keep a level head. You can't really go out and expect to do well or bad. With these guys helping, I appreciate them when they help me. I haven't really played in a year and a half."

On Scoring

"I do what I need to do, and that is to help my team win.

On Team Being Closer

"We are closer. There isn't a lot of depending on who scores this or that. The focus is winning and playing defense. We came in with a goal. We didn't like the taste of last year. This is a whole new beginning. Everyone is fresh and with a different mindset.



Dion Dixon, Jr. G

On This Year Compared to Previous

"It feels really different because I'm older. I know how to handle different situations. I'm more confident and I'm more aggressive."

On Offseason

"That was the main thing. Going out this summer and seeing others work hard. It inspired me to work hard. It helps your confidence because you know you can do it. It just makes me want to work hard and keep going at it. Keep working. I don't want to settle. I was in Chicago working out with some NBA guys [Dwayne Wade and Devon Harris], and we were practicing three times a day."