Cincinnati-Bellarmine Postgame Quotes

Nov. 2, 2013

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Bellarmine at Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC Head Coach Mick Cronin

Opening Statement:
"First thing I want to make sure we do is talk about Bellarmine, they do a great job they are extremely well coached, that's why we play them all the time. We were really impressed with their basketball team, and I wanted to play them so our guys would hopefully one day pass the ball as well as them. They had 23 assists on 25 baskets, which is why they go to Final Four's and win championships at the division II level. Scott (Davenport) is a great friend of mine and he does a tremendous job coaching and our guys had a simple case of tell them that Bellarmine wasn't supposed to play hard today. Give our guys credit they did what they had to do, defend the three point line much better in the second half, defense was obviously much better in the second half and our veteran guys stepped up and gave us leadership."

On if he expected Bellarmine to shoot as many three's as they did:
"Yeah, and obviously if it was a regular season game we wouldn't have been trapping as much but we need to practice against somebody that is prepared for what we are going to do. They scouted us last week and obviously I wanted them to know what we were going to do and I wanted them to be prepared because that's what is going to happen when the season goes on everybody is going to have film on you and everybody will know your style of play. So the final score of the game is not what I am looking for, I'm not looking to come out here and do certain things or even make it hard on Bellarmine; we have to practice, try to press a team that knows we're going to press, make the right pass and they are going to shoot the three before we can recover. So it was a great practice for us, it was just tremendous work for our guys, this is exactly what you want out of an exhibition game."



On if he was happy with his team's press defense:
"In the second half. The first half produced nine Bellarmine three's. But there is a wearing affect of the pressure that our guys are going to start to see, teams are going to prepare all week and for your game plan you’re going to have to make some adjustments to what they’re doing. Until fatigue is a factor the press is not really going to be a great factor and also we have to do a better job of communicating at times but our energy level wasn't were it needed to be so we got thoroughly out hustled in the first half."

On if Jermaine Lawrence is feeling better after his performance today:
"The only guy that is worried about how he is feeling is me and they need to be worrying the same thing and if I am happy with the way you played or if I'm not. His defense has a long way to go, but I was happy that he got 2 rebounds in the second half because he played 16 minutes in the first half and got zero rebounds. But his attitude remains good, and it's like I tell the veteran guys have to get guys in the right spot because if we are going to play freshman you got to expect them to be in the wrong spot. The best team we had here since 1963 might have been to freshman starters in 2000 and they both got drafted and as good as Kenny Satterfield and Lamar Johnson were I can tell you by watching the films all year that year they got beat every time defensively but three veteran guys covered for them all the time. But that is going to be par for the course all year with our freshman and we have to do a better job covering those guys.”

#23 Sean Kilpatrick, G

On how it felt playing a D-2 team as big time D1 program:
“We’re all still students of the game, even coach, and there are things that we can all learn from every team and get better. Being able to play a team with 3-point depth like they have and the way the move the ball is only going to help us for when we play a similar team later on in the season.”

On his comfort level with his role on the team:
“I’m very comfortable. With me being older now coach and I have worked a lot together over the summer and he’s helped me find new ways to read defenses and have a better feel for what’s going on during the game.”

#5 Justin Jackson, F

On looking at the stat sheet:
“Rebounds and free throws. Looking at the stat sheet, SK is the only one that did what we needed to do at the free throw line. Titus did okay at the free throw line too, but everybody else, we have to do better, especially me.”

On Coach Cronin saying he hopes you learn to pass like they do:
“Yeah, they are a great passing team. They made 25 field goals and 23 of them were off of assists. So that tells you a lot about their team. About how they pass the ball, how they communicate, and how they move without the ball. When you can move without the ball well, you can confuse the defense easily. They really were a well coached team.”

On Jermaine Lawrence having a tough start last week:
“Yeah, I told him he needs to just calm down, it was his first game as a freshman, in a college uniform. It was really the adrenaline, I mean, my freshman year, I fouled out in seven minutes, so you can’t get much worse than that. So I just told him to calm down, and let the game come to him. Today he had ten points and two or three rebounds, in just fifteen minutes, so that’s pretty good as a freshman. I just have to stay in his ear, and keep being the big brother.”

On adapting to playing with Titus:
Titus is my boy. We have a connection. In a two man game, SK and I have a connection. When it comes to playing with Rubles, we have a connection on the low post.

Bellarmine head coach Scott Davenport

On if the team got better after today:
“Well first of all, we are so appreciative of Coach Cronin. You could take every practice I have been involved in, you could take all of the hall of famers I have worked with including Coach Pitino, Coach Wooden, and I could not simulate in a practice plan what we got out of this game today. We faced unbelievable athleticism, unbelievable length, unbelievable physical strength, and that is the reason for the 18 turnovers. The positive side of that is that we had 25 baskets on 23 assists. We did find people, but it’s just that they can erase mistakes with their athleticism and that is what great teams do. I really like the way our guys competed. They have had an exhibition game, we haven’t -advantage them. They are at home, we aren’t - advantage them. I told our guys last night in film that I wanted to be able to finish this game and get on the bus and be proud to be on this basketball team. Our guys are in the locker room right now. They aren’t happy, but they are proud to be a part of this basketball program. We have a chance to be a really special basketball team.”

On his team not being nervous and coming out ready to play:
“I think the leadership on this team is tremendous. The youth is a part of it. We had a lot of guys where it was their first time ever out there. This will make our practice better. I couldn’t be more optimistic about this season. I love this basketball team.”

On the pressure from Cincinnati:
“We can’t simulate that in practice. I can’t simulate their length, athleticism, and strength in practice. We went five against four, but it is different when the two guys aren’t 6’6” and 6’5”. We did adjust and we took it on low and strong and split the traps and made the next pass. I want to know what we shot the last 10 minutes of the game because we finally got some open shots. I know Mick, I know Mick’s demands on his guys. They are lucky to have a guy like that because he is one of those guys who is not going to look at a mistake and say that’s okay. He doesn’t want that kid to do that in competition. I guarantee you at halftime it was great.”