Postgame Quotes

Nov. 3, 2007

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Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin
Opening Statement: Well, I was much more pleased with our effort tonight. We had 45 deflections tonight, that's the way we chart hustle: anytime we get our hands on the ball defensively. That's 20 more than we had the other night, and that's a direct reflection of our hustle and intensity on the defensive end. It allowed us to force 24 turnovers, which was probably the difference in the game. Our free throw shooting was tremendous tonight. Also in the second half we offensive rebounded the ball. We had 10 offensive rebounds in the second half alone. I thought that our defense was pretty bad still in the first half, other than the fact that we caused some turnovers, they shot 65%. We'll get there, we're getting there every day. I just feel that there's not enough time, there is so many things you need to work on with freshmen, and it's almost like there's not enough time in the day. I was really pleased with Larry Davis and his defensive effort tonight. He had great quickness, and really pressured the ball. He's a great on-the-ball defender. He's got to figure out when he's off the ball, how to defend properly, but he's a great asset to our team.

On Deonta Vaughn's point guard play: I felt he threw a couple of risky passes, a couple of lob passes that weren't there, which was a little out of character. It's something that we have to control because, we don't want to become a high turnover team.

On Alvin Mitchell: Alvin's still trying to figure it out when to run the offense, and when to attack. In high school they just gave it to him and got out of the way. It's a process for Alvin, but he defiantly has the ability to come off the bench and give us some offense. I like him in that role, and he can give us some immediate punch offensively.



Bellarmine Head Coach Scott Davenport
Opening Statement: I was very pleased with what it does for our basketball team. I really like Mick's team because we are so much alike. Our guys understand sharing the ball. The key to any coach is to see your pupils respond, and they responded at halftime. It's a ten point game, and they come out doing a good job on the boards. We had a difficult time physically, which we will because we are very thin on the front line.

On Playing at Cincinnati: The hospitality here was tremendous and it really helped our team. We were treated fantastic. From the shoot around to practices, we were treated well. We really benefit from coming here because we have three guys from Cincinnati. It was absolutely outstanding. It meant a lot to our program, and to come to play at a class program. It only helps us, and I hope it helped Mick.