Cincinnati-NC Central Postgame Quotes

Nov. 8, 2013

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North Carolina Central vs. Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

University of Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin

On what the difference was with Jeremy Ingram from the first half to the second half:

"He is a good player, but if you give a guy 11 free throws, that is the way you get knocked out of the NCAA tournament. Kemba Walker made 14, Doug McDermott made 11 on us last year. If you give a guy 11 free throws, he is going to find a rhythm. If the ball is going into the basket, he is going to make open shots. We, obviously, did a very poor job finding him, defending him. I'm really disappointed in our half-court defense all night. We have a long way to go. You can't be a really good defensive team if you don't have five guys playing as one. Right now I was struggling all night to find five guys to play as a unit on the defensive end. I was really struggling with that."

On he felt like his freshmen played tonight:

"I thought Troy (Caupain) was solid. I was glad that he took that pull-up jump shot on the foul line in the second half. It didn't go in, but he was wide open and they weren't guarding him. He's got talent. He has to play with courage sometimes. He is looking to defer too much to the older guys and I am trying to fight him on that. Around here, we don't care what grade you are in. That doesn't really matter. Everybody has a jersey and the best guy that gives us the best chance to win will play the most. I thought he did a solid job.

"Kevin (Johnson) is in there because he really can defend. He is a great defender; tough kid and he just didn't make shots tonight. He was nervous. He grew up dreaming of wearing a Bearcats' uniform. He is out there in his first game. He will be fine.

"Jermaine Lawrence did pretty well at times. At times, he struggled because he was playing out of position with Justin (Jackson) in foul trouble. We were a little disorganized. You can't play David (Nyarsuk) when they are playing five guards and you have nobody for Dave to guard, nobody for him to defend. So, he did a pretty solid job."

On Jermaine Sanders becoming more of a contributor this year:

"It's not a surprise to me. That's how he has practiced, but if you recall his freshman and sophomore year he was very similar to Rashad Bishop. He is a better shooter probably and a smarter defender, but he is not the athlete Rashad was. The only reason Jermaine Sanders didn't start as freshman was because we weren't rebuilding the program the way we were when Rashad came in. But one word I use with the guys is accountability and the middle of that is count. I can count on Jermaine Sanders. He is going to be in the right spot. He is going to play smart and he has really worked hard on knocking down shots. He knows that I have confidence in him and he is going to be out there a lot. He can play multiple positions. He is an invaluable guy to our basketball team because I can count on him and right know we have a lot of work to do to get fundamentally sound. Whether it is simple passes on offense and not over dribbling, or just sound fundamental defense where we can communicate and not give up easy baskets.

"We take a lot of pride in not letting the other team's leading scorer score, so obviously I am highly disappointed on our effort on Jeremy Ingram but give him all the credit. I'm very disappointed in our lack of communication in our team defense. We don't play man defense we play team defense, so we missed a lot of switches and we had a lot of lazy fouls and a lot of lack of communication. That's what happens when you have three or four guys out there and you have one or two weak links. You can't have weak links defensively. Right now, we're just not quite there yet, but that is going to happen when you're playing a lot of new guys. Obviously, I am really upset about it and that's why you get back to practice get back to work."

#23 Sean Kilpatrick, G

On creating team chemistry with the young players:

"When you have young guys, like we do, we have five to six young guys, it's kind of hard to pull them to the seniors' level. We need these young guys to win. There isn't a single guy on this team that we don't need in order to win. We actually have to continue to work with these guys because these aren't exhibition games anymore. The running starts now. We can't have any off days and tomorrow in practice we are going to get back to work and help these young guys because we really do need them."

On if he was happy with UC's defensive performance tonight:

"No. When a team scores over 50 points on us, in our gym, I'm not happy all. Our defense needs some work in the half-court set. We need to be able to call the switches, and get the loose balls."

On Jeremy Ingram fouling out:

"I didn't even notice, honestly. But it definitely helped us in the long stretch because he's a very good player, especially off the dribble, and he is small on top of that, which makes him hard to guard."

#15 Jermaine Sanders, F

On the importance for him to get off to a good start to the season:

"It was good for me, and important that I try to get into a groove offensively because I'm always ready to play defense. Seeing my shot go in gives me confidence and helps me be more aggressive."

On what he remembers about his first game at UC:

"There's a great deal of pressure, and when you're a freshman that is going to play a lot you have to be ready and focused. The college game is different from high school because you have to be more ready mentally than physically."

North Carolina Central Head Coach LeVelle Moton

On what some of the keys were to the strong start to the game:

"We came in expecting to win. These are not guarantee games for us. We feel like they put their pants on the same way. We have the ultimate respect for those guys. We try to train our guys to prove that they can win a basketball game."

On what UC did to take the lead:

"Kill us on the boards. I thought our first half defense was great. Our second shot defense was not. We have some guys injured, but that's no excuse. We put five guys on the floor who are capable of making plays and generating plays and being productive. They were able to attack the offensive glass and get some put backs. They were able to set up their press and it kind of discouraged us a little bit and I think we got rattled."

On some bright spots they can take away from this game:

"We competed. I am going to take the blame for the boxing out because we haven't worked a lot on that. We are so injured that the last thing I want to see right now in practice is contact. I thought we competed, thought we executed, and I thought we got the shots that we wanted. We drove the ball and kind of took advantage of the new rules and we shot 28 free throws. We got to the free throw line. We have to convert, but it's a learning experience and it's a new team so I have to be ultra-patient with these guys and let them learn on the fly."

On what impresses him about Cincinnati:

"Mick. I just love Mick. I'm a Mick fan and the team that he has, he is going to generate toughness. He gets those guys to play really hard. They are long and athletic. They can drive on you and face you up. Kilpatrick is a killer. We thought we tamed him for a little bit in the first half, but then he just caught fire and he opened up some avenues for those players to get some second chance opportunities."

On sticking with Cincinnati most of the second half:

"Attrition. They just wore us down and the foul trouble hurt us. At the end of the day, I think we only had eight people. I thought I was about to have to check in for a minute. We just have to get healthy, but until then we can't feel sorry for ourselves. It is what it is and this is the way the ball bounces sometimes. We have to compete and get these guys some valuable experience so they can help us come conference play."