2010-11 Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Nov. 9, 2010

November 9, 2010

Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio


University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

"Well, obviously we had them outmanned in a physical standpoint. We had a lot of guys that got minutes. They played a lot of zone and I was happy with that. We were able to run our zone offense and work on our press. Those are two things we got to work on. My feeling was it was a sloppy game. We were too sloppy. We can't turn the ball over 17 times and expect to win games in our conference. Our guys know that. We have to be mentally sharp at all times. There were some things I was happy with. Yancy Gates rebounding and his defensive rebounding. The last couple of days he has picked it up in practice. I've challenged him to do that. We scored 91 points with only making four treys."




On Eager to start season

"I'm excited to start the season. Our approach is always play hard and share the ball. I think we have more guys that can score, we have more veterans, a deeper team; a better team.


On Ibrahima Thomas

"He didn't play a lot of high school basketball. Where he is from, he played in camps and did drills. He hasn't had a lot of real game experience. To transfer in the middle of the year, is tough. He lost his sophomore year. You are seeing a totally different guy. He is comfortable. He was trying to fit in and he was a nervous wreck. Towards the end of the year, he started playing better.  He has a much better understand of what we are trying to do and also what he is good at. He is playing more to his strengths and he brings a lot to the table."


On Outside Shooting

"I'm worried about what I want to say. I'm not concerned with our outside shooting at all. Our footwork wasn't good. We shoot the ball well. We have shot the ball well since we started practice in August. I'm more worried about our shot selection and our preparation. I'm not concerned with what people are thinking. Our shot preparation wasn't good. We were standing on the line. When people play zone, you have to be 45 feet behind the line. You can't shoot flat footed from 22 feet. We addressed it at half time with Cashmere, and he made 2 after half."


On JazzmarFerguson

"I'd like to get 29 shots in a game. He's a good player. We appreciate them coming in here and playing hard. We needed to play against a dribble drive. It gives us a difference look and there are so many different things we see during the season. It is nice to get off 29."


On Exhibition Games

"Probably the fact that we can score in different ways. We aren't reliant on one or two guys. When you talk about a different approach, I think it is we are a different team. We have more guys that can score. We were somewhat limited. Some of our younger guys that have grown up, and other guys that are getting there like JaQuon Parker."


On Forward Starters

"I thought they were going to open in zone, and Darnell is our better shooter. He has also has practiced well so he earned it. Our guys know that it isn't little league baseball. We have to play to win. Some of our early season games is to get everyone on the same page and who plays well together. The thing I do like is that we aren't reliant on two guys to score and we have big line-ups and pressing line-ups. Yancy is a different player now. If we play a 5-man that can shoot, he can go out there and defend. The last two years is that he couldn't."


On The Bigs Sprinting Up The Floor

"Dave finally has Ibrahima where he wants him. Yancy is in the best weight of his life. Justin could run all day. The way we rebound the ball; especially if you aren't the big, you are running to the front of the rim. We have different people that can pass. For Yancy that is important, if he can get the ball in the paint before they post, he can get some easy baskets."


On Justin Jackson

"He can pass. He has great version. We knew that when we recruited him. He played a lot in the high post. He was a great passer in the high post. He played on the best AAU team sin the country. He didn't really get to score the ball a lot until the last year at Arlington Country Day. He has played with great players and he was always used as a passer. He has a natural gift for it."


On Outrebounding 66 to 25

"I was happy with Yancy's defensive rebounding. It is an area we have talked about that he needs to improve. People say he should be a double-double guy. He has to rebound on both ends, and he did that tonight. For us to achieve our potential, he is going to have to help us in different ways. Some nights in passing, rebounding or scoring. Rebounding is going to be strength of ours. There is no doubt about it."




Player Quotes

Ibrahima Thomas, Sr., F

On Play Tonight as Team

"I think we played great. Guys came out ready to play. We didn't underestimate the team. We came out great."


On Playing Earlier This Season

"It feels good. Last year, it is different when you play the middle of the season to beginning. I practiced for a whole year and didn't get too much playing time. The guys had to get ready for the game. Just jumping out into the season was hard. This time, I'm getting there and it feels good."


On Exhibition Games

"I think the guys are more focused. We get to a point that no one worries about who scores or who is leading scorer. You look at the way we play. We have four guys in double figures, and it is just the way we play. The one who is open will step up and score for us."


Cashmere Wright, Rd. S., G

On Playing Guard

"I think it's like the biggest thing. You can pass the ball to anyone. On the break you can be 4 on 2, and whoever you pass the ball to they can make a play. I love the way we are playing now. More upbeat and running."


On What Coach Said

"We have to play harder. Don't get relaxed as the team just because we won two games. It is still 0-0 when you look at it. We are going to practice today like nothing happened today."


On Justin Jackson

"I love Justin. Justin runs. Justin is going to play hard. He is making freshman mistakes. The more he plays the more he'll realize he has to talk more. When that time comes, I can't wait. It will be an exciting player to watch and play with. Between him and Larry Davis, they are constantly running around."