2007-08 University of Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Nov. 10, 2007

Western Carolina Head Coach Larry Hunter

Opening Statement: "I think if you like defense and good competitiveness that was one of those ball games. We got better from Game No. 1 and most teams do. Both of our teams are fairly the young, but good execution for early in the year."

Making Big Plays: "I thought Cincinnati - Vaughn - controlled the ball well. He found Gentry that got a couple of plays on us. Those were big plays. Their post men threw plays out, and they didn't make many but they were big in their perspective. Then we came back with some plays that were pretty big too."


Western Carolina Sophomore Forward Nick Aldridge



Meaning of this Game: "This one hurts really badly right now. I kind of wanted to come back and show everybody that there is life outside of basketball when Huggins left. You have to give Cincinnati credit because they made plays when they had to."

Taking 25 Shots: "A lot of my teammates look for me on the offensive end, and this time it was by design. When you have to ball, put it up, and it is our best chance to score."



University of Cincinnati Senior Marcus Sikes

On Taking Last Shot: "Usually in the last seconds of the game, coach tries to tell us to spread out. He lets Deonta work his magic. He made a good pass and I finished it."

Getting First Win: "It means a lot to the team because we were kind of down yesterday after losing the season opener. Coach told us not to hang our heads and bounce back to get a win. It gives the freshmen a chance to feel the environment, and get a feel of the type close games we can experience. There are going to be close games and maybe some blowouts."


University of Cincinnati Freshman Rashad Bishop

On Settling Down: "Coach wanted us to be aggressive, get to the rack, and stop taking three's. He wanted us to be aggressive on defense."

On Playing A Lot: "I just have to keep growing as a player, make smart plays, and not force plays. It lets me know coach trusts me, and it gave me a lot of confidence."


University of Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin

Opening Statement: "It's good to get a win, and I thought Western Carolina did a great job. Nick Aldridge gave a lot of effort. They had a lot of guys go make big shots and kept themselves close in the game. It's good that we finally stepped up and made big shots. It was a tough game, and a tough night. They made it tough around the basket, and it showed our height advantage. Some guys stepped up tonight, and gave us a good performance. Second half for Rashad Bishop was a big game. I thought we started rebounding the ball when he was in there in the second half. I was happy for Deonta and his nine assists on the night. He couldn't get an open shot, but he kept on trying. He made a great play at the end of the night."

Leadership: "I was happy with Marvin knocking down open shots, and they were sagging in the paint late. We went inside enough that we were able to take open shots. Young teams don't understand that you have to show patience on offense, and we have a lot of young guys. We have new plays because we have bigger guys, and roles for the guys are being redefined. I had a lot of confidence in Deonta on the final play."

On Player Rotation: "Once guys get comfortable and get in a groove, and it's hard to put other guys in the game. I put in the guys that were playing the best, and I thought Rashad really stepped up. We're going to have to continue to have freshmen step up for us. You have to give him a lot of credit for his performance in the second half."