2007-08 Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Nov. 11, 2007

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Bowling Green Head Coach Louis Orr

Opening Statement

"Great team win. Cincinnati is a tough team and they play hard. They are physical, get after you, and they are tough. It's challenging. You play a big tough team like Cincinnati, and it's a lot to ask. Our guys responded and they stepped up. Chris (Knight) has been tremendous the whole weekend. He had a big first half, and we got some stops with our zone, which was really good for us tonight. Our guys had a really gutsy performance tonight."

On Chris Knight's Play

"Nowadays it doesn't matter. Freshmen are as good as seniors. Chris (Knight) has a certain poise and presence. He's confident, he doesn't get rattled, and he's a hard worker. When a young man hasn't played in a year, they usually say it takes a while to get the rust off, but that hasn't been true for him."



On Having Only Six Turnovers

"I think both teams were probably tired. Every game was a war, and it came down to a few plays in the end. No game was more than a ten-to-eleven point victory. Both teams had to be worn out. I told our guys that endurance and commitment was going to be a big part. We had to have forty minutes or more in endurance. We practice and prepare to play forty minutes. We have to believe to make big plays at the end to win."

Chris Knight

On his Withrow Ties

"I was so happy because when he (Coach Louis Orr) was at Seton Hall, he was telling me to get my grades up. Back then I was young and dumb. When I heard he was coming to Bowling Green, I was really excited. I was happy to be in that situation."


 Cincinnati Players

Marvin Gentry

Tonight's Loss

"There is a lot of disappointment. We've got a job to do and tonight we didn't get it done. We aren't working hard enough. Last year we knew what it took, but this year we aren't doing the things that we did last year. Winning isn't going to be easy."

John Williamson

"We knew we had to work just by the results of last year. With us having to go through what we've been through, we can't take anyone easy. We've seen that this weekend."


Mick Cronin

On Opening Statement

"We gave up 58% from the field in the second half, 50 percent from the three-point line, and we only caused six turnovers. I love the guy coaching that team. It's a great win for that team, but we aren't any good. We are a bad defensive team. Right now, we're giving up 40 to 46 percent for the year from the field." 

On Excuses from the Players

"I've had enough of that. Excuses are for losers. My job is to get a better defensive team, and that is the bottom line."

On Fixing Problems

"It's not about a short or long fix. We won't win our next game if they shoot 40-45 percent from the field. It doesn't matter who you play; you have to defend. We have one win, and they shot 39 percent from the field. We haven't made lay-ups very well either. When you can't make wide open three's and lay-ups, it's tough to win. I thought Alvin (Mitchell) started well, and I should have left him in there. I thought I'd keep a veteran in because Marvin (Gentry) would know what he was doing. It didn't work though."