Postgame Quotes


Nov. 11, 2008

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Northern Kentucky at Cincinnati

November 11, 2008

Cincinnati, OH – Fifth Third Arena


Northern Kentucky University

Dave Bezold, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“I think Coach Cronin is going to be happy with his squad this year. He has some very skilled players. Deonta Vaughn is a very skilled basketball player. I think they can look forward to a very good season. I am thankful for the last seven years to come over here and play these games. If it doesn’t happen anymore, I am very thankful, but if it does, we are more than gracious to come back over.”




On Playing Two BIG EAST Teams

“It helps us no matter what the score. It helps offensively or defensively to work on certain fundamentals. As soon as you don’t do those correctly, they are exposed. In the second half, our defense was exposed because we weren’t doing what we should have been doing. Vaughn got some free looks and they had some dunks because they had open looks. Now we have some footage to show the players.”


Compared to Louisville

“Louisville shoots it a little better on the perimeter. I think UC’s big kids are a little bit more skilled. Samardo Samuels was so strong, but Williams and Gates are going to be fantastic. They are very skilled.”



Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Well, I wasn’t as happy with our effort as I was with the Carleton game because we had more time to practice. I think there are some areas we need to be successful in to have a good year. No. 1 is offensive rebounds. We only had eight and we missed 30 shots. We had 17 turnovers. We didn’t take care of the ball and we relied too much on making shots. We did a pretty good job of defending the three, and that is probably what saved us. We are going to have to develop how to put teams away instead of letting teams back in the game. We all know that is dangerous from the Connecticut game last year. When you get up 18, you have to try and push it to 25. That is a learning process. We let them creep back in, and I thought our effort dropped off. Our decision making got a little lax. We have a young team, but we are going to have some learning curves. Their attitude as a team is tremendous. We need to take better care of the ball and we have to improve on offensive rebounds.”


On Lack of Work Against Big Men

“Here’s what is tough. We played two exhibition games, but neither of the teams had a big guy. We are guarding people out on the perimeter so it is tough to get ready to play. South Dakota has a guy that is going to post up, and we haven’t had to defend that. It hasn’t allowed us to have a feel of where we are with our post defense. They have a great team, but they play a lot of guards and shoot threes. I’m not happy with their effort tonight because of offensive rebounding.”


On 56% Shooting Percentage

“I told the guys it is dangerous to rely on making shots to win games. It feels good to see the ball go through the net. We have had some intra-squad scrimmages as well as that first exhibition game. Deonta Vaughn’s attitude has been great, but he hasn’t played great. He needs to challenge himself because he is going to play a lot of minutes. His turnovers are something we have to rectify. He has to be stronger with the ball. He looked to be aggressive tonight, and he came ready to play. It is nice to see the ball go in the basket especially around the rim. I don’t think we had any missed layups.”


On Team’s Offense

We have a chance to have a good team, but we have to get better as the year goes on because we have so many young players. We are a totally different team than what we have had the last couple years. We are playing four big guys, Deonta’s at the point, and Alvin is going to play consistently. Dion Dixon is going to help us. We definitely have more offensive weapons.




Deonta Vaughn, Jr., G

On Taking Care of the Ball

“I have to stop thinking. I just need to play the game. When I start thinking, I make turnovers. Some of them are playmaking turnovers, but some of them are things we had worked on.”


On Comparison to Louisville

“We watched a little bit of the game. We saw what they did to Louisville. We were able to capitalize on some things they did because we saw them do it to Louisville. They out rebounded us on the offensive end, and they played a little bit harder to get the rebound, and we were disappointed in that.”




Mike Williams, Sr., F

On Mid-Range Jumper

“I always was able to hit it. Coach tried to get me in a position where I can show it. It will open up the inside even more for more points in the paint.”