2007-08 Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Nov. 16, 2007

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Coastal Carolina

Head Coach - Cliff Ellis

Opening Statement

"Congratulations to Cincinnati. We really had a shot at it early. The key was Vaughn, and he really lit the fire for them. Thirty percent career three (point shooter), but tonight it was 60%. I'm sure that is a career. He carried this basketball team. We didn't make shots. We've been making shots, and I think the combination of us not making shots and Vaughn's play was the key to the game. We thought we'd give up some boards, but we thought we'd shoot...and that's the game."




How they wanted to defend Cincinnati:

"We wanted to close the paint off inside. Adam H is a load down low. It's early in the season and we didn't know a lot about Cincinnati except for that they haven't shot the ball. Then Vaughn hit it. We were going to make them shoot from the outside, and he did it.


Playing Zone

"It was effective for them. It kind of reminded me of the Syracuse zone of being so big and long. When teams have zoned us, we could handle it, but when they get long, we can't. It may be effective for them throughout the year."



Marvin Gentry

On The Game:

We just felt good getting a win. We had to go back to Day One on defense.  After a loss, we've had hard practices. Deonta made some shots, and we had some guys step up. We didn't want to lose sight of him (Jack Leasure). He can only score when he gets the ball.



Deonta Vaughn

Shooting the Ball

I felt more comfortable tonight. We've practiced all week because they are a small team and would pack it in. Adam Hrycaniuk and John Williamson were a big help to get me open shots. By them being so aggressive and knowing they could finish up down low, it gave me some opportunities. I've been working all week on getting shots.


On Winning

It was very important. We had to come out and play with a sense of urgency, work hard, and not give anyone easy shots.


On Rashad Bishop's Play

He's been a big help. Coach said that Rashad doesn't let things get to him. He just plays solid, and we knew that he was capable of being a good player. He comes to play every day to try and prove he's a good player.



Mick Cronin

Opening Statement

"I thought our shot selection and passing was much better tonight. Coach made a choice to pack it in, and we had to play horse. Deonta came up with a great performance. Guys continued to get him the ball because we knew once he got hot, we only had one other guy making three pointers. We were shooting them unguarded. We did a good job on finding Leasure, and it was the first time we've held a team's best scorer under their average. We still got a ways to go, and we need a lot of practice.


On McClain Not Playing

"Anthony McClain being out was hurting us. Our best three defenders were sitting on the end of the bench. Anthony will be back to play. He has a spot on the top of his foot, and it will probably bug him for the rest of the season. With us not playing until Thursday, we wanted to give him some time to get it to calm down. We'll probably hold him until Monday."


On Deonta's Shooting:

"He's a good shooter, and it all evens out at the end of the day. Ken Griffey struggles in April, and everyone says he can't hit. It's just a matter of time. Numbers don't lie. We have standard drills, and he owns every record in our shooting drills. It will translate into the game. We have guys that are struggling in those drills right now. He's in the best shape of anyone on the team, and I think that has something to do with it."


On Alvin Mitchell:

"He may think he played bad, but he played fine. He had seven rebounds, two assists, and zero turnovers, and that is what I'm worried about. If he can get a few shots to go down and get a break out performance; he hasn't gotten comfortable yet. It's a process for him. A couple of times he's open, and he's gun shy."