2008-09 Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Nov. 16, 2008

Recap |  Box Score


South Dakota at Cincinnati

November 16, 2008

Cincinnati, OH – Fifth Third Arena


Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“I was really pleased with our effort and our ball pressure was great. I thought we were able to take South Dakota out of what they were trying to do. We made it tough on their young guards and got them out of their comfort zone. We were able to change the game with our defensive pressure. We were able to get out and change the tempo after the first five minutes. Our passing was the best it has been; we had 17 assists, which I would like to average somewhere around 19. I think we averaged 13 in our two exhibition games. I am really happy with our team attitude. We had a balanced scoring effort, and if we can continue on without relying on Deonta like last year, we will be a better team.”




On Yancy’s Performance

“One thing that surprised me that you don’t see is that he led us on deflections. He is more active. He saved the day on a few plays. That is something that he and I have worked really hard on. It is me yelling and him hustling to make him use his athleticism on the defensive end. Offensively, we know he can play. I’m really proud of his offensive rebounding. He has a world of ability, but I will never be happy with his performance until he is an All-American.”


On Playing South Dakota

“We were pressing a little bit. We shot some three’s too quick. We had some shooters miss the whole basket. Once we settled down and got them out of their comfort zone, we were able to get them out of their tempo. They are a good team. They had a winning record last year. They have four seniors out there, but we knew that we had to get them out of their comfort zone. If you let them run their offense, they will be good.”


On Steve Toyloy

“Steve is a great addition for us. He is a much better finisher around the basket than the guys we had last year. Steve’s an effective defender as well. He is a much better offensive player in the low post than people have been giving him credit for. He played for a great young coach. He has been able to assimilate into our defensive schemes very easily because he knows what we are doing. He was the biggest and toughest guy in junior college, and that is what everyone said.”


On Deonta Vaughn Possibly Reaching 2000

“Yeah, I think if he stays healthy, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got there. Knock on wood that he can stay healthy. We will hopefully play games in March and given the added games, I think he will get there.”


On More Offense

“I’ve slept better since workouts started and the ball has been going in the basket. We have guys that are finishing around the basket. We have had more dunks in practice in the first two weeks of practice than the last two years. I talk to them that last year’s group of seniors had a lot of effort. You have to respect what they did. We should be better than them because we have the ability, but if we don’t play hard, we won’t be.”



Deonta Vaughn, Jr., G

On Yancy’s Performance

“Yancy’s performance was good tonight for the most part. I told him before the game that I need 16 and 12. He got 16 and 14. He did what I asked for, and that is what made us win the game.”


On Not Having To Score

“I don’t have to do too much or force too many shots. We have a better team than last year. My shots weren’t falling in the beginning, but we have people that can make the shots fall.”


On Reaching 1000 Point Mark

“It means a lot. It is like everyone’s personal goal to reach 1,000 points. It was a great night for me. I landed right on it, and Coach told me as soon as I got it. I wanted to rest my legs for the next game on Tuesday.”


On Possibly Reaching 2000 Points

It would be good if I was right behind (Oscar Robertson) him so we can talk about the two great Indianapolis players.”


On Rashad Playing Point

“Me and Rashad switch back and forth. We both play on opposite teams in practice. He is really used to it. When a team goes zone, you need someone to handle the ball. Rashad can handle the ball.”


Yancy Gates, Fr., F

On Game Performance

“Basically, I wanted to come out and play hard for the team like Deonta said. He asked me to get certain stats, and I just wanted to go out and help the team. If our captain asks me to do that, we must need it.”


On Possibly Reaching 1000 Points:

“That’s every players dream to reach that mark. I would like to be in that position.”



South Dakota University

Dave Boots, Head Coach


Opening Statement

“Well, it was an experience for us. Physically, we were overmatched. We got dominated on the boards and I figured we would. We aren’t nearly as strong or as athletic as they are. It is an experience we will learn from. We only have eight healthy players, and they really wore us out. They were very good tonight.”


On What You Can Learn From This Game

The thing we will have to change with our guys is our approach to how to win a game. We are kind of on our heels and not sure of what we are doing. We were hoping they would miss a shot, and we need to help each other. We won’t learn too much because it is a physical thing. We are transitioning, and it is going to take awhile. We are coming off of a Division II situation, and we need more Division I type guys. We need to play teams like this because we will see high end basketball.  We will watch tape and learn some things.