2010-11 Cincinnati Men's Basketball


Nov. 20, 2010

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University of Cincinnati


Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Well, I like IPFW’s team. They have tough kids. I give them a lot of credit. They never flinched even when we were up 16. They made some adjustments at halftime that forced us to deal with their zone in the second half. We struggled to make shots from the free throw line and 3-point line. Our defense was as good as it could be the last 16 minutes of the game. Overall, our effort was tremendous. I don’t think we could play much harder. The most disappointing thing was the free throw line.”


On Not Letting Yancy In



“They went to the zone. Early on in the second half, we got the ball in. They made some adjustments. Anytime they had the ball below the free throw line, they had five guys in there. They also have to make free throws. Sean goes days without missing free throws and he was 1 for 3. The guy that struggled the most was Rashad Bishop and he was 12-fo-12. I’m sending him to shoot technicals early in the game. He’s given us a lot of leadership. They are not easy to play because of how they spread you out.”


On Ability to shoot

“What happens in a game like this, they knock in a few shots and they put the pressure on you. Our guys were feeling the pressure too much. Sometimes you can be too wide open and you are thinking instead of just shooting it. That definitely happened to us in the second half. No doubt it is difference in the game, especially for a freshman. It is tough when a team does that. I think things can be contagious in a game. Everyone sees everyone miss, and we need someone to make it. That is why I was proud of Rashad because he saw everyone bricking them and he made them. I looked up and we had 58 points with a couple minutes to play. We are still up 6 or 8 points and that says a lot about how we hustled.”


On Keeping Intensity

“Offense can come and go in different ways depending on who you are playing. You have to hang your hat on defense.”


On First Two Games

“We got a lot out of today. They have a lot of veterans and are extremely well coached. When a team can shoot the basketball the way they do, you have to be focused. Justin Jackson understands now that when he is out of position, a team will exploit you. If you look the wrong way, they cut in for a lay-up. In the first half, you couldn’t have played better offensively except for the turnovers.”


On Cashmere Wright

“He played really well in the first half. He has to do better with his shot preparation off the ball. He has to be thinking shot when he doesn’t have the ball. He is one of our better shooters. He played too many minutes. I don’t know if he got tired.”


On Effort

“Our effort is tremendous. The guys prepared and we had three great days of practice. We let them back in the game. When you struggle like we did in the second half, you lose a game like that. We didn’t give them a three point shot in the last 17 minutes. Our guys did what we had to do on defense. We played hard, which is what you have to do when you struggle.”


On Perimeter Shot

“I’d like all of them to make open shots. We’ve got some guys in different roles. It will take some time to build up Cashmere’s confidence up. Cashmere and Dion only had one shot between them in the second half. The first half they had six baskets. Yancy, you can take a big guy away because you can pack it in. We haven’t struggled to shoot the ball at all in practice. In Canada, people packed it in. You just have to hope it’s just one game and keep working on small things. Some it isn’t luck, it’s shot preparation.”


On Mechanical Shooting Problems

“JaQuon makes them off toughness. He’s short on everything. We have to look at what he is doing. Cashmere shoots the ball flat footed. For the most part, we shoot the ball as much as you can possibly shoot the ball. We’ve done a great job in practice all fall shooting free throws. The guys have been locked in. If you struggle in practice, you have to stay after practice. Rashad struggled the most and he was staying after practice, and now he is 12-12.” 




Player Quotes

Yancy Gates, Jr., F

On Second Half Zone

“It was different. Actually, yesterday was the first time we practiced on playing a 3-2 zone. It was tougher to get comfortable with it. As the season goes on, we’ll work on it a little more since we have seen it. Next time, we’ll be better.”


On Seeing Sean Kilpatrick Dive on the floor

“The crowd gets in it. They stand up. Those are the type of plays that get the whole team in the game. When you see one guy hustle, it gets everyone else hustling and playing harder.”



Sean Kilpatrick, R-Fr., G

On Coming in Second Half with Intensity

 “Yes, especially when Justin is in. He’s the hype man and gets everyone going. When the guard was dribbling down and I saw him chasing him down. It helps with his energy in because he is a lot more hyper. With the dive on the floor, it hurt like crazy but it was a defensive play and that was what I was looking for.”


On Second Half Three

“I can’t remember who threw it out to me, but I think it was Yancy. When he threw it out, I felt it going in as soon as he threw it back out. The look on his face was you better hit this shot; we need this.”





IPFW Quotes


Dane Fife, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“First of all, I want to say thank you to the University of Cincinnati. It’s a class output from their staff to the fans. We appreciate that. They are so much bigger and stronger. They pounded us in the first half. We made some big defensive mistakes, and Cincinnati capitalized. I was mesmerized when I finally saw those guys in person with how big they are. I don’t remember teams being that big, and I played in the Big Ten. Gates is every bit as advertised. He’s a big player and really confident.”


On The Second Half

“I don’t know if we were going to dare them to shoot. We had three guards up top. We were just lucky it was early in the season, and teams don’t work on zone too much. I thought our guys did a good job of recognizing where their shooters were. I thought we controlled the game most of the second half. I thought it was in our hands, and we just didn’t make the big plays down the stretch. You can’t do that against a team of this caliber.”


On Xavier and Cincinnati Comparison

“We lost to both by about the same. I think they are different teams. I think they are different but similar in some ways. At first glance, Cincinnati is looking in the post much more and X utilizes guard penetration. I think they are both really good basketball teams.”