Cincinnati vs. Campbell - Postgame Quotes

Nov. 20, 2013

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Cincinnati vs. Campbell
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

Campbell head coach Kevin McGeehan

On fighting hard throughout the game:
"I really thought we did fight hard in the second half. That is a tough team to play. They are really aggressive for 40 minutes. I thought we settled down nicely. We still turned the ball over, but I felt like our turnovers in the second half were aggressive and attacking. We were breaking the press and trying to be aggressive. Some things that happened were a result of that, but some good things came out of it too. I think that is the kind of team I want to be. I thought we competed. We talked about the rebounding which was 28-27. I am pretty proud of that part. We turned the ball over a little more than we needed to."

On Andrew Ryan making five threes:
"He shot great tonight. I was more proud of the toughness because he was gritty the whole way. He rebounded the ball some and was good on defense. He really helped relieve some pressure in the second half. That is a lot of minutes. You could tell he was getting a little bit tired because he was not coming to the ball every single time late. Part of that is a result of Andrew becoming more assertive on going to get the ball and helping us break the press."

On his team fighting throughout the game and not folding:
"We have a good bunch of guys that work hard. I was expecting there to be resilience coming out of the other day even with the short rest and the travel. I was expecting resilience. I just didn't know where Cincinnati was going to factor in. That is about as hard as a game as you can play coming off what we just faced this week. I felt like we did a nice job responding."

On not playing until next Wednesday:
"I was just telling our guys that I think part of what we are going to do over the week is try to tighten up some things over the first two days or so. We will be off tomorrow and then practice two days of tightening up some things and put in a few more things that aren't going to be super complicated, but will help us in late game situations. We will maybe put in another defense and some things that can help us now that we have experienced some game situations. We start to see what shows up and where you can figure out what you need. We will figure out that during those two days and then we will prep for St. Andrews."