2008-09 Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball

Nov. 22, 2008

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Western Illinois at Cincinnati

November 22, 2008

Cincinnati, OH – Fifth Third Arena


Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“First off, before we start, I want to mention the passing of Glenn Sample. He was a great Bearcat, and our team has his family in our thoughts. Our attitude was great today. I thought Western Illinois played really hard for being outmanned. I think they made it hard on our post guys. They knocked us off balance, and we had 10 turnovers from our big guys. It was a great effort from our guys in many ways. We are starting to move upward, and it is great to get different scoring from other guys.”


On Alvin Mitchell

“Alvin Mitchell is a great example of when you practice hard every day, it makes the games easier. When you have a great attitude and you are coachable, you can’t help but get better. He is a great example of that. It’s nice to be able to develop some other scorers. My other point with Alvin, although he made 4-of-5 from the three point line, for the first time today he got other baskets. That is important because we need to add a wing guy who can beat his man and get a foul. It is a great thing to have when things get tight.”


On Holding Their Leading Scorer

“We take a lot of pride in our defense. Our identity is a team that really defends hard as a team, do it in a smart way and rebound the basketball. We try to do that at all times. It took him 19 shots to get his 13 points because we made it hard on him.”


On Trying to Get Mike More Involved

“I was trying to do it. These games get a little out of hand because other guys are too open. I made sure to call his name early, and get him minutes. I tried to keep him in there, and get him an offensive rebound. When I was trying to get him the ball blatantly, they could tell. We still have to make sure, in practice, that we’re developing mike as a scorer and scoring threat because he is. It is hard to be a threat if you don’t get a rhythm. We are talking about a guy who hasn’t played in two years so I really have to make sure he gets into his rhythm.”


On What Steve Toyloy Brings

“Steve is bring scoring, defense, and everything. We didn’t know he would bring that much scoring. He is a confident player and he is producing. Hopefully, when he starts seeing tougher competition, he’ll be able to continue to play the way he is playing. He is the biggest surprise for us offensively, but we expected it in defense.”


On Playing without Deonta

“We played a lot without him (Deonta Vaughn) and Rashad today because we wanted to see what we could do with both of them out. We did it by design that if we had a lead we would try to do that.”


On Comparing Alvin from This Year to last

“No question about it. When you go to recruit a guy, you see his ability but the question is how hard it will be for him to translate. It was tough to see him go through his struggles. He was on another planet last year, and now he is back here. As a person, academically, and maturity he has come a long way.”


Mike Williams, Sr., F

On What You Can Learn From This Game

“Out of a game like today, we are still learning things on what we need to work on as far as transition points. We didn’t have very many today. It is something we need to work on byp laying a game like this we see things that we need to work on.”


On Alvin Having Team’s Trust

“Alvin has everyone’s trust from day one. Even though, in the past. Some things happened, but we don’t hold that against him. We are all family, and we don’t have a problem with him.”


On Coach’s Feelings About the Game

“He was happy with it, but he pointed out a couple of things we need to work on. Transition points, not seeing the ball and things like that are things we need to work on.”


Alvin Mitchell, So., F

On Back-to-Back Strong Performances

“Things are looking better, but I’m still trying to fight through it. I don’t want to get any false hope. I’m going to continue fighting. ”


Yancy Gates, Fr., F

On Playing Against Steve Toyloy in Practice

“He is a really physical player, and it helps me get used to the physical pounding of a D-I player and a guy of his size.”




Western Illinois University

Jim Molinari, Head Coach

On What You Get From This Game

“A beating. A lot in some ways. I think we will never face a more athletic team. We gained a little confidence because we were able to do a decent job on handling their pressure. Give Mick credit. He is in somewhat of a rebuilding process. They have put together a great group of athletes. Their game is to pressure you on defense, do a great job on switching, and test every shot. They do a tremendous job of going to the glass. Their staff has done a great job of recruiting athletes that are really aggressive on the board.”


On Switching Up Defense

“Give them credit because they make it really hard to play against. They change it up. Other than Steve Toyloy and Yancy Gates, all their players can switch and guard forwards and guards. We tried to keep on doing what we do and form some type of identity.”


On the WIU Shooting Percentage

Yeah, it was a lot of credit to their defense. We don’t have a lot of weapons to score against them. If you make a mistake on offense, the ball goes to them. On defense, if you make a mistake, you can continue to be aggressive. They do a great job of staying aggressive at the ball. They make you run your offense; especially around the basket.”