2010-11 Cincinnati Men's Basketball


Nov. 22, 2010

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University of Cincinnati Quotes

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Well I was pleased with a lot of things tonight. Our effort and our focus was much better. We took better care of the basketball, and that starts with Cashmere Wright. He had 18 points, eight assists and no turnovers. If we can get that from him, it will make us a better team and me a better coach. Everyone is going to say we were a better shooting team tonight, but I think it goes with our passing. Florida A&M was extremely prepared. They knew our offense, and only had 11 turnovers. To come in here and take care of the ball the way they did, is a credit to their coach. We had to earn our points, and it made us a better team. We have to make some adjustments with our pressure to make us a better team. All in all I’m pleased with our effort.”


On Offense

“Our two-point shooting had a lot to be desired tonight. We missed a lot of shots around the goal. We have to do a better job of being stronger around the rim. We have to be more effective inside the lane. We were 18-for-32 inside the line, and it wasn’t that great. You have to do a better job.”


On Cashmere Looking to Shoot More

“When he’s off the ball, you have to think shot. Day in and day out, he is one of our better shooters. I saw him get 52 points in a game. I know I’m getting old, but I saw that happen. To be honest with you, Cash is a guy that you have to stay on all the time. I’m trying to get him to want to be one of the better guards in the BIG EAST. I think he does, but the answer is you have to come in everyday with a chip on your shoulder. We’ve had great recent guards, and they all had a chip on their shoulder …an attitude … a confidence every day. I’m trying to get him to take that kind of personality.”


On Big Men

“It isn’t really them but the guys passing to them. It is a different feel on how to feed the post. I still think we missed them a lot. We have to continue to work on it. We got it to the base line a little bit. We had some chances to get Yancy the ball that we missed. We have to play inside out. Two of our better players – Yancy and Thomas – are in there and they are good passers.”


On Dion Dixon

“He is a junior and it’s time. I’m learning how to deal with him. He doesn’t take too well to me just coaching him in a soft way. I get after him, and he’s a much better player. He won’t say that he was down on himself. I didn’t like his intensity in shoot around. Right now, he lets his shooting effect his intensity level. And your intensity level has to be consistent. You can’t let that effect you or it will kill your game. The answer is play harder and be more intense. Being soft, won’t get you anywhere.”


On First Shot and Shooting Being Contagious

“I think it is important. The team starts packing it in more and more. The guys relax and starts making shots.”


On Yancy Gates

“He had two double-double games last year, and he already has two this year. You are who you are every day in practice. That’s why I come in here, SK had one good game. He’s a freshman; he’s going to have good games and bad games. The ones we have to rely on our juniors and seniors and Cash. Yancy has really worked on mentally being there every day, and he’s going to reap the benefits every day. He’s now going to deal with scouting reports putting two or three guys on him, and he has to be strong


Player Quotes

Cashmere Wright, Rs. F, G

On Being Happy About Points or Assists

“I didn’t turn the ball over. I score when I’m open. My job is to get everyone else involved and make sure the team runs fluid.”


On Hitting First Shot

“It was a big thing on getting the team ready to play. Everyone saw the first shot go in so we were ready. After the first one, we just hope it keeps going.”


On Shooting Struggles

“We know we can shoot. Once the first one goes in, you have that swagger about yourself that you are ready to shoot. You aren’t worry about it if you will miss it. Everyone kept on saying we couldn’t shoot, and we took that personal. We worked on preparation. I have a much better shot when I have a 1-2 step into my shot.”



Dion Dixon, Jr., G

On Being More Comfortable

“Coach stressed it. He said we had to be ready to shoot, and we just hit shots tonight.”


On Having Better Game

 “It feels real good. When I see shots going in, it helps the confidence too. I wasn’t discouraged because I knew I worked on it.”


On Cashmere and Dion Needing to Get Involved

”During the BIG EAST time, we have to have guard play to knock down shots and be ready to make plays. That is our job.”