2008-09 Cincinnati Men's Basketball

Nov. 24, 2008

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Coastal Carolina at Cincinnati

November 24, 2008

Cincinnati, OH – Fifth Third Arena


Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Well I thought it was a very good game for us. After watching film of Coastal Carolina against Florida State, we were really impressed with how they played. We knew they would have some guys play against us, and they would rebound better than anyone else we had played so far this year. I like their young guards, and I think they will have a better team – especially next year. In the second half we just got into a defensive stance, and changed the game with our defense. It was good for us to get some game pressure for the first time. Coming out of the locker room we had to make some adjustments and rise to the challenge. We were able to maintain our composure and do what we had to do. We had 23 deflections in the second half, and a season high of 39. Our egos are wrapped up in our team. If we can maintain our current team attitude and commitment to the group, we are going to continue to have success.”




On Anthony McClain’s Performance

“He is one of five guys that are playing well for us on the interior. Four blocked shots … those things change the game. It is a tremendous statistic that I really believe in. We have been last in the BIG EAST the two years. It can make a negative play into a positive play. Usually a blocked shot, leads to a fast break points for us. If he can stay healthy, he can be a great contributor for us.”


On Anthony’s Foot Condition

“He is working on conditioning his foot. He is a young guy and our medical staff has done an incredible job working with him. I press him on not accepting it and making sure he strengthens the area so it doesn’t rear up on him. If he continues to develop, it is going to help us.”


On Multiple Players Playing Double Digit Minutes

“I would love to do that. Depth is relative though. It is all relative. You need to have ten guys that can be effective and play well. It may not always balance out the way it has in the first four games. I truly believe that there aren’t many teams in our conference or the country that play ten guys. I have always believed in playing the bench. Guys can’t develop if they don’t get to play. It has been three years since I have had a bench. I think if a guy is a good player, he deserves to play. It will help us wear teams down and I think you saw that tonight.”


On Rashad Bishop’s Performance

“I thought he was aggressive getting into the lane. When he plays solely on the wing, he is fine. When he has to sacrifice for us and play point guard, it makes him feel uncomfortable and take him out of the attacking position. We are trying to work on playing Larry at the point, and I think he had one of his best games.”


On Larry Davis’ Defense

“Larry is in tremendous shape. His on the ball defense is great, and his off the ball defense is improving.”



Deonta Vaughn, So., G

On Mick At Halftime

“Yes, he told us the team is shooting 53 percent and they were getting more offensive rebounds. We had to kick it up the second half. We held them to 23 percent throughout the second half. We played great defense and made them take tough shots.


On Team Chemistry

“The chemistry is there and you can see it. We needed to get everybody playing hard and tough. This was a good team for our big guys and coach stressed us to rebound. They were outrebounding us, and we realized it at halftime.”


On Coastal Carolina’s Quick Start

“The quick start didn’t surprise us. They had a great start against Florida State. They were up 15 against them, and so we knew what was coming. We played against them last year, and they have a better team this year.”


On Not Having to Score

“Yeah, it has made it a lot more fun. Everyone worked hard and improved during the off-season. Everyone is getting more confident, and we are bringing the new guys along. We are just going out there and having fun.”


On Having Fewer Turnovers

“We just played with strength. We really weren’t forcing things or trying to do things we couldn’t do. We were playing solid and playing smart. We practiced a lot on trapping, and we didn’t turn the ball over because we knew what they were doing.”


Coastal Carolina University

Cliff Ellis, Head Coach
Opening Statement

“Well, this game got away in the second half. I thought our offense was good in the first half. In the second half, they shut it down. Our defense was better, but they were so physical in every way. We couldn’t make shots we took in the first half. Our team stayed aggressive. Both teams are much better than a year ago. I was telling Mick he has a good ball club. I know they are in the BIG EAST, which is a tough conference, but they are an excellent basketball team. They have so many weapons. They draw so much attention to the inside that it allows their perimeter to do some things. They can shoot it and they can handle it. That is a physical team, and we got beat by an excellent basketball team.”


On First Half Changes

“They were pretty aggressive the first half, but I think they just wear you down. They have so much depth; they played 10 guys with double-digit minutes. We play seven, and I think that wears on you.”


On Difference from Last Year

“They seem to have more perimeter shooting than a year ago. Last year it was just Vaughn, and he was the only guy. Tonight, they had Davis and Mitchell. Dixon didn’t shoot it well, but he can.”