Cincinnati-Marshall Postgame Quotes

Nov. 25, 2011

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Marshall at Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Nov. 25, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin
Opening statement:
“They are a great rebounding team. They are athletic and physical. We didn’t rebound the basketball. The score of the game was 43-30 Marshall, period. If you get outrebounded like that, you aren’t winning. It puts too much pressure on everything else. We shot 52 percent the second half. The free throws would be the second reason. Poor free throw shooting from good free throw shooters. And our defense broke down at times and we had some unbelievable breakdowns defensively that gave away baskets. A lot of that is because you are playing defense too much because you can’t get a rebound. You have breakdowns because you have guys on defense too long.”

On the type of toughness needed:
“Physical and mental. You have to be mentally tough enough to do the right thing at the right time. And not give up an and-one, when Yancy’s got a guy pinned behind the basket, lose your man, and then give him an and-one. You can’t do that. You have to be mentally tough enough to stand (in a) stance, see the ball and get a defensive stop. We aren’t tough enough. We are struggling to get five guys on the floor who can defend as a unit and rebound the basketball. We only had nine turnovers tonight.”

On Marshall:
“At the end of the day, their guys jumped up and made some shots. They are a good team, guys. I can see why a lot of people think they are going to win Conference USA. We play in the BIG EAST, and they are better than a lot of teams in our league. We still have no excuse. If the rebounds are even, we win the game. It’s ridiculous. When all you do in the scouting report is talk about rebounding, for days leading up to the game, to let that happen is inexcusable.”

On rebounding:
“Our offensive rebounding was just as bad. Last year, we rebounded over 40 percent of our misses. We were one of the best teams in the country at that. This year, we view ourselves as a pretty team, and that’s why we aren’t tough enough. The kids may not admit that when they come in here. It’s a long year and we have to stay together. Pretty don’t win. Cool don’t win. Last year, we had some guys that didn’t view themselves as pretty, skilled players, for lack of a better term. We had some guys who viewed themselves as rebounders, activity guys. Our big guys had five offensive rebounders. We missed 34 shots. That won’t get it done.”

No. 34 Yancy Gates, F
On being out toughed by Marshall:
“To a certain extent, yeah. Down the stretch, they got more guys to the glass. They kind of gang rebounded. We had one or two guys, they had four or five. They hit some tough shots down the stretch too.”

On what the team is missing:
“We’ve got to take responsibility for our jobs out there on the court as individuals. Not just trying to do team play. If it is your turn to go out and hedge on a screen, it is your turn. If it is your turn to get in there and fight for a rebound, you’ve got to take responsibility to do that. We have to be accountable for our jobs at certain points in the game.”

On Marshall’s offensive rebounds:
“They sent more guys. Every time they had three or four or five. Sometimes they even had the little guy in there. It was every time. With us, it was here and there, for stretches we got away from it and they start offensive rebounding and go on a little run. Especially when you go on two, three minutes without scoring, you really got to get those first rebounds so you are not on defense more than once.”

On how lack of toughness can be fixed:
“Get in practice, especially us older guys. We’ve got to hold the young guys more accountable to the small things. It’s attention to detail. Just the little things, when you are supposed to help and when you are supposed to double down, not face guarding your man or leaving or hedging a screen early. It is just the little things we have to get over the hump with the young guys. That is the difference between this year and last year. Last year we had older guys and it was the small things we did that won the games - chasing loose balls, constantly having three or four guys on the glass. We can hold each other accountable to do the little things, then the things we do well it will make it easier for us.”

No. 23 Sean Kilpatrick, G/F
On lack of toughness:
“Last year we played a lot tougher than this year. The past couple games it has been going on. There is no excuse to what has been going on lately. Everyone sees and everyone knows that we can be a better team, but it is not going down right now.”

Marshall head coach Tom Herrion
Opening statement:
“Anytime you’re able to go on the road and beat a program like Cincinnati, I’m a little bit of an oldish-school guy for a young coach. I know the tradition here and I know what Mick (Cronin) has done in restoring this program. We had to come in and fight and battle. I thought our kids were resilient in our effort and I thought that we had to be against a very good Cincinnati team. They’ll find their way. They have a terrific coach. We’re obviously thrilled with the victory. Anytime you come on the road and beat a high caliber team like this it’s a testament to our kids’ stick-to-itive-ness. We had to out rebound them. We thought that was a key to the game and we did. We weren’t real efficient on offense early; I thought we were sloppy and loose. We made big plays down the stretch. Good win five games into the season; we have a long way to go and we got to get a lot better.”

On the fan-following:
“Herd-nation, if you have heard of it. The Thundering Herd nation, its everywhere and its one of the reasons we wanted to schedule this game. We try to take games to our fan-base. We have a great contingent of alumni and fans in the greater Cincinnati area. We had busses coming up from Huntington, so this was an important game for us. Our fans were tremendous. We’ve woken them up a little bit over the time that I have been there and given them something to cheer about I think.”

On rebounding:
“It’s a little bit of our fabric if you get familiar with our program. We want to be one of the best rebounding teams, not only in Conference USA, but the country and we recruit guys that can rebound the ball. It’s a little bit of our mantra and we knew that they obviously had a high rebound margin going into the game. If we had any chance, we had to rebound the ball.”

On Damier Pitts’ play:
“I thought he was okay. He is way better than that. I love him, please don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t trade him for anybody.”

On out-toughing Cincinnati:
“We’re a hard-hat, lunch pail group. We’re not going to be pretty at times and they had a lot to do with it their defense was excellent in the first half. I thought they were more physical than us and took us out of our offense. I thought we out-toughed them down the stretch. We wore them down. I thought our bench was a little bit more effective. We got into the bench a little deeper than they did, but they’re a little short-handed right now.”