Cincinnati-UMass Lowell Postgame Quotes

Nov. 26, 2013

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UMass Lowell vs. Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Mick Cronin

Opening statement:

“We are par for the course with our team. With this group of guys, our effort is tremendous. That is a 99 percent thing with this group of guys. I appreciate that from them. Their effort and attitude is like this every day in practice. We had 49 deflections which is a season high for us.

"We still made a lot of mistakes have things we need to improve on. We've got to clean things up offensively, like Titus (Rubles) and Jermaine Lawrence had six turnovers combined at one position. I believe they had the same number in the last game. So that’s an area where I have to do a better job with those guys. We are trying to give them the ball a lot but they have to realize they need to do a better job. You want to use your big guys and play through them a lot, and they have to do it without turning the ball over. They had eight of our 12 turnovers and none of them were against traps, so that’s an area I think we can improve on. I have to work with those guys on that and have to make sure we are not forcing the action on offense. I thought our half-court defense was much better in the second half.”

On if he was happy that they only allowed four offensive rebounds:

“Yeah, we worked really hard on getting five guys on the defensive glass and just getting our guards to fight. With our big guys and the way we rotate and scramble defensively our guards have to rebound the ball defensively for us. Like SK had five tonight, (Ge'Lawn) had three and that’s what we got to have. Your starting backcourt had eight defensive rebounds and that is something you got to have. It is going to be important for us and we tried to emphasize and show the guys our lack of blocking errors. Right now my focus is on eliminating mistakes because your margin for error gets smaller and smaller every day in college basketball because other teams are doing the same thing. Being ready to play and being fired up I don’t believe that. We are always ready to play and you win games with strategy and execution.”



On Ge’Lawn being more aggressive to score and if that is what he expects from him:

“I thought he had a lot of wide open shots and you've got to shoot the open shot, which in the second half we had a lot of open shots. We took them and we didn’t make them. We only had five offensive rebounds in the second half off of 18 misses and for us that is unacceptable, but you have to give our opponent credit. They did a much better job of blocking us out and team rebounding in the second half. We stood round and watched too much in the second half. Offensive rebounding is more about numbers and you've got to get three guys minimum to the glass to be a good offensive rebounding team. Anybody can block out one guy and another guy on his way there. You have to flood the area with bodies to be an offensive rebounding team and it’s a numbers game. We didn’t get enough people to the glass in the second half.”

On if he was happy with what his press gave him:

“We did a better job today of playing team defense in the backcourt. We are starting to get in a strategy of who we are trying to keep the ball away from and communicating on what we are trying to do together with our rotation. Early on, you’re trying to implement ball pressure and guys getting used to getting into the press. We’re there now. We just have to get more strategic with what we’re doing. Our communication has got to continue to improve, but I thought it was much better today. It was really bad against Campbell, really bad. Guys have to communicate. Who is trapping? Where we are sending the dribbler? We have to be on the same page and you can’t do it without communication. We've got to realize that we don’t play man defense, we play team defensive and communication is key.”           

#23 Sean Kilpatrick, G

On if he was happy with the defensive effort: 

"We are pretty pleased. We’ve been going through our practices and just playing with our hands (up) at least, and at least go with the pick-and-rolls. We’re pretty fast with our feet, but the ball goes over our heads because we don’t have our hands in the plays.

"We tried to get as many deflections as we could today. We had 49. We had 60 (in a game) last year. We know we still have a lot more room to improve and we know we need to cut down on our (turnovers). There’s going to be games down the stretch where we’re going to have to execute in the stretch because the team is going to have as much talent as we have and we’re going to have to out-execute them in strategy."

On if it is hard in a game like this to stay focused throughout:

"No, not really. We all know what we’re really trying to accomplish. We’re trying to beat the teams in our conference. The games like today, you match (UMass) Lowell. They’re a great team. They have great players and their coach is good as well. This is just a milestone in our journey, and this is something that we have to get accomplished today. We had to work a lot today on our defensive press and rebounding the ball especially. When you have a focus like we do though, it’s not hard."

On if he is itching itching to play a big game?

"We’re just worried about our schedule. Whatever coach put on the schedule is what we’re rolling with. We don’t make any type of scheduling. Whoever we’re going to play, that’s what we’re rolling with."

#5 Justin Jackson, F

On if he was frustrated offensively and if so, did he get the furstustration out in his dunk?

"Just a little bit. I was frustrated. I couldn't finish it at all today. I just kept playing defense and rebounding the ball."

#14 Ge'Lawn Guyn, G

On if Coach Cronin has been working with him to be more aggressive attacking the rim:

"We saw the opportunity to be aggressive and just playing within our team. It’s easier to get comfortable that way."

UMass Lowell Head Coach, Pat Duquette

On the difference in the game:

"The key was that they were very quick, athletic, and aggressive, particulalry in the first half. They turned us over 17 times. We were in too big of a hole to recover from it at that point."

On if the challenging part about facing a team like Cincinnati is the athleticism:

"Even more than the press was them coming at you a second time in the half court. They really disrupted any flow in our offense and not even allowing you to get into your offense. That presents a lot of problems for us."

On some positives they can take from this game:

"Two things. I think even though we got badly out-rebounded, I thought we fought really hard on the boards. Secondly, I thought we continued to play and fight all the way through the second half. That was great to see our guys not give up."

On Cincinnati's pressure:

"Cincinnati is pretty unique in that way. They just keep coming at you. Very few teams press every possession for the entire game and then also come and trap you in the half court. Not many teams that I have seen have been so successful in playing that style."

On what they are looking to improve on going into their next game:

"We were clearly overmatched athletically in this game. I don't know how much I am taking away from it. We have made good progress in just about every game we have played this year. We are going to take a break and enjoy our Thanksgiving and try to come back fresh on Friday and just get back to improving what we do."