Cincinnati 94, Texas Southern 57 Postgame Quotes


Dec. 1, 2009

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Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening statement
“Well I was extremely pleased with our defensive effort, particularly in the first half. We are a team that wants to push teams as much as possible, and hold the team in the 50s. Our guys understand, for us to win the conference, we have to be one of the Top 3 defensive teams. I challenged the guys to come out with the same focus and intensity that we did in Maui. I thought our guys, right now, have tremendous unselfishness. We have areas to improve on and we have time to do it. “

On seven players being in double digits
“Yeah, we have that kind of team. 24 assists are great, too. When I signed Lance Stephenson, people asked how I would coach him. I asked if anyone had seen him play. He is an unbelievable competitor. The only question he asked me was if we would really win. He wanted to be atop the BIG EAST. It’s all the guy talks about. He shuts down the top players in Maui. I think it helps our locker room. The only time he gets upset with guys is when the other team scores and we aren’t playing well. Sean Kilpatrick is the same way. They know basketball, and they play to win. That attitude has affected our team.”

On Cashmere Wright
“He is still not there yet. The hardest position is the guy with the ball. I want him to do the right thing every time so there is more pressure. Why did he throw it there or why didn’t he reverse it? It is a learning process for him.”

On Anthony McClain performance
“I thought he played really well. I only yelled at him a couple of times. He is a shot blocker, and he is not our low post scorer. He is either supposed to dunk it or pass it out. I would only ask our fans to leave him alone. We don’t need to yell at him to score. In all seriousness, his defense affected the first half scoring run. If he can stay in the lane, he really can affect the defense.”

Player Quotes
Deonta Vaughn, Sr., G
On defensive energy
“I like how we came out. We wanted to make a statement. We didn’t want it to be a fluke for how we played in Maui. We wanted everyone to see how hard we still play.”

On why he didn’t start
“Yesterday, we had a talk, and coach asked if anyone was willing to give up a starting position to see how we would react. I know how to react, and gave up my spot.”

On being in Top 25
“It means a lot to the program. It is my senior year and we have never been ranked. Coach and I talked that we would get there one day, and we talked about how we would get there as a team. It would take defense, rebounds, and shutting down their best players to get wins and into the Top 25.”

On Nick Van Exel
“We all knew who he was from watching him play. I have seen him play in the NBA. Rashad probably wasn’t born yet. When we were in the hand shake line, Nick told us to beat Xavier.”

Rashad Bishop, Jr., F
On how the team started
“I thought our defense was good from the start. I think our offense was not together at first. We put it together and got some easy baskets.”

On getting ready to play after Maui
“We constantly talked before practice to come out hard. We played great and just came up short. We knew that we couldn’t let one loss give up our season.”

On having depth
“It is good to see the depth instead of having to play 35 minutes a game. It is nice watching everyone and not losing the edge.”