Postgame Quotes

Dec. 1, 2010

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University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

"Well first I'd like to congratulate Wright State. Their kids came in ready to play. Their kids played physical and played really hard. They got down 20 and could have given in. I didn't think they did that. They have three senior guards that all played extremely hard. They are guys without a lot of experience. They taught us a lot of things that we can use moving forward. They made us a better team. Obviously, I would have liked to have kept them at bay down 20. They made some tough shots. When you play a 3-point shooter against Yancy, it is a tough cover. I knew they were going to do that. That was really their only chance to win the game was to go with five shooters and spread us out. It is a tough cover for Yancy and Thomas out there. They did a good job with it. We were able to score and get in the press."


On Playing Against Wright State

"They have great discipline. They don't turnover the ball 15 times. We knew we would have to do that. If they ran their offense, they would run the clock down and made it a short game for us."


On Sean Kilpatrick

"I know I'll get my best effort from Sean. The last few days, its the best he's ever been. As well as we played on Saturday, Sean was upset with his performance. He has tremendous pride in his performance, and he works hard every day. It doesn't surprise me with the game he had because of the way he practiced. I will always get good effort from him. He makes shot from the perimeter. When he makes shots, he's a 20-point a game guy. He's done it his whole life. I can't explain how hard he works everyday and how much he loves basketball. He can't help but get better every day."


On Bench Play

"That's the game plan. When we bring that (second) unit, they bring great energy to the table. Larry Davis's energy is off the charts. What him, SK and Justin did to their guards. Those guards don't have six turnovers in a game."


On JaQuon Parker's Struggles

"He's a good player but he is struggling to make open shots. He's thinking too much. Classic case of him trying too hard. He wants to do better. He has to relax, but I was playing him because Cash was hurt."


On 6-0 records

"Our fate will be decided in the BIG EAST. We have our first road game on Saturday night. Everyone will tell me Toledo is struggling. When those guys were sick, I was a nervous wreck. I'm having a lot of fun coaching these guys. It is nice to win games. I've told you since August, these guys have been very receptive to coaching. They've been great together."


On Larry Davis

"Larry is improved in one area. He's always been a good defensive player, but he is playing much smarter. That translates to better defense. Now his energy is focused, and now he is playing smart on offense. He had three assists and zero turnovers. He no longer thinks he has to make shots to stay in. He's given us great leadership."




Player Quotes

Dion Dixon, Jr., G

On Slow Start

"Yeah, I came out struggling. We went into halftime and I had a little talk. I wanted to come in and play hard. Play hard with my defense, and it will help with my offense."


On 6-0 Start

"It is good to come out and get this good start. Our main focus is further down - the BIG EAST and trying to get to the NCAA tournament. We are just taking it game by game."


On Sean's Good Game

"When you are hot, you want to look for the hot man. We aren't selfish so whoever is hot, we want to go to them."


On Moving to Point

"I'm comfortable at it. It does change my focus from being a scorer to a playmaker and running the offense. I'm adjusting. I've been doing it in practice every day."


Sean Kilpatrick, Rs. F, G

On Scoring 26

"Well, Coach Davis has been on me tough about having an even keel through every game. You can't look at it and say you had a good game. The next game you are capable of having nothing. You have to keep a straight head."


On Coming off the Bench

"It doesn't matter. Whatever Coach puts me at and when he puts me in, I play as hard as I can for the time that I'm in. This is new to me, but I'm happy that it is coming along the way it is. It humbles me a lot more because I have these guys in front of me. They are teaching me how to play the game every day in practice."




Wright State University

Billy Donlon, Head Coach

Opening Statement

"Yeah, you know I said this coming into the game `Cincinnati is a very good team because they can beat you in many ways. They can beat you big. They can beat you going small and pressing. We were pretty ready for their big line up. We didn't do enough of a good job preparing for their small pressing line-up. That didn't fare well for our game. Coach Cronin went small and pressed, and when I mean small, they aren't small in terms of height but their girth. Their pressure really bothers you, and that is where the game turned. We shot 50 percent for the game but had 15 turnovers. We take pride in taking care of the ball."


On Dayton Game

"When you watch all of Cincinnati games, if you shoot early shots in your offense, you won't get a good shot. They are too disciplined, too athletic and play too hard. They will out-rebound you, and it will lead to fast break points for them."


On Breaking the Press

"When we were able to break press, we shot 50 percent for the game. It wasn't our offense in what we do; it was the offense against the press that cost us the game. That press is hard to practice because you can't simulate it. You work on it; you do the best you can. Our guards played well. We just got a little loose at times. You have to get a few breaks, and every one of our turnovers were ping-ponged right to them for dunks. It's a credit to Cincinnati."