Cincinnati-Georgia Southern Postgame Quotes


Dec. 14, 2010

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University of Cincinnati vs. Georgia Southern University Postgame Quotes

December 14, 2010 – Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mick Cronin, University of Cincinnati Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Probably the best game we’ve played for forty minutes and as well as we played against Dayton. We defended until the buzzer against Dayton, but tonight we played offense and defense. That is something we talked about in preparation and pregame. We have to understand that we have to keep our intensity up for a period of time. I was happy with the match-up because they were going to have to continue with the press and stay engaged. They couldn’t have played any better. I’m a happy coach tonight.”

On Rashad Bishop Not MIssing

“Not if he continues listening to me. I will say this. I’m glad he got to the free throw line. It’s been a few games since he’s been to the foul line. He’s given us great leadership. All of our seniors have. Larry Davis also had a great game.”

On Cashmere Wright

“Cashmere is doing a great job of keeping his dribble alive. He can still improve as a defensive player and his conditioning. His stat line doesn’t do him justice for how well he played tonight. As he evolves, it will make us able to beat anyone. Last year, was his first year, and Deonta (Vaughn) and Lance (Stephenson) had the ball in their hands a lot. Last year, it was unrealistic for him to play like this. He didn’t play point guard in high school. He didn’t run a team his whole life. Teaching him how to run a team has been a process. He’s grown up as a person. When guys grow up off the floor, it affects our guys on the floor, and you can see that with our guys.”

On Not Having Large Crowds

“We stay focused on winning games, getting better, and improving. I choose to focus on the people that come to games, and we appreciate that. We keep trying to give them a good show.”

On Not Being Ranked

“They have a different name or maybe a different coach. That’s the great thing about it is that we will get our chance. The longer we stay unranked, it bothers them, and I can use that.”

On Team Chemistry

“A lot of that has to do with the guys in the locker room taking ownership of why we lost close games last year. Because of what we went thru together, it has made them better. Now they are easier to coach because they understand the things they did wrong that cost us some games and the NCAA Tournament. It’s not Lance and Deonta being gone; its guys taking ownership. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It isn’t an overnight process for every team.”

Player Quotes

Yancy Gates, Jr., F

On Having Fun

“We are having a lot of fun right now. It is fun to win by a lot of points like that. “

On Cashmere Finding Players Better

“It is all part of us being used to playing together. Knowing where this guy is going to be. It is part of him knowing where people are on the court.”

On BIG EAST Preseason Rankings

“A lot of people aren’t giving us as much respect. It doesn’t bother us but we notice it. It helps us stay focused on what we are trying to do.”

On Watching Other Teams in Top 25

“I don’t think we compare ourselves; we’re just worried about ourselves. We feel that if we keep playing with high intensity and with energy, we’ll get some of the respect that we deserve.”

On Rashad Bishop’s Second Perfect Night

“I don’t know. He doesn’t know. We see him open and we just going with it right now. He’s hot. He’s open you have to get it to him right about now.”

On Improving Before BIG EAST

“Half court defense and just trying to stay focused coming out in the second half. If you do that in the BIG EAST, you can look up and be down twenty in no time.”

Cashmere Wright, So., G

On Having Fun

 “I’m really loving the situation right now of just winning. Winning is all it’s about right now. You have fun when you win.”

On Not Having a Second Half Letdown

“I think the second half we came out less aggressive and we have to come out aggressive every second half. We have to go to the basket and not settle for jump shots. If you attack the rim, better things happen.”

On Being Able to Pass

“I think it makes it easier knowing that anyone on the floor can score. You aren’t referring to one person. Anyone that is open you can throw the ball to, and they will make the shot.”