2008-09 Cincinnati Men's Basketball


Dec. 15, 2008

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University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“I was glad we were able to come back and play right away after a disappointing night on Saturday. I thought we had some lingering effects in our confidence early in the game. We really didn’t practice yesterday. We watched a lot of film. We were trying to save our legs for the upcoming run. Once we shook it up, we had guys playing well. I was really pleased with our 19 assists. Guys are sharing the ball and becoming a more balanced team. We really dominated the glass in the second half.”


On Getting 100th Career Win

“It has cost me a lot of hair follicles. Being a head coach at Cincinnati is an honor. I’m thankful every day. It is nice to get any win.”




On Scoring

“For us to score 74 points and Deonta (Vaughn) only gets eight, it says a lot about our capabilities of having balance on our team. We really try to push the ball up the floor and kick it inside. We are trying to get our big guys more involved and develop them. For us to beat a quality opponent, we need to do something besides screen for Deonta. Games like this are a time to develop. It is a credit to Deonta. He is all about winning, and it is a great message that he sends to his teammates.”


On Dion Dixon Starting

“I should probably bring him off the bench when I look that he is 0-for-8 (from the field). We juggled the starting line up a little bit. We need to grow up as a team. You can only coach, run, and yell so much. There comes a point where you put them on the bench. This isn’t fifth grade tee-ball. Nothing is personal. We are all here to get a win. You should want the other guy to play because he can help us win. We have to develop that type of attitude. The attitude of, for me to play, I need to be accountable. With that being said, for us to reach our potential we can’t have three guys out to lunch.”


On Yancy’s Performance After Xavier Game

“Yancy and I had a heart-to-heart about some things that Jason Maxiell asked me to pass on to him. About him not worrying about getting the basketball, that the ball will come to you, focusing on rebounding, and hustling. He had way more intensity and hustle tonight than any other.”


On Playing Right Away After Xavier Game

“Get it out of your system. A game like that is tough. I was really concerned with our confidence being shaken. We went into that game with too much ego and not enough humility. A lot of things happened and sometimes when you get knocked out in a heavy weight fight you lose confidence. Hopefully we got that back.”


On Steve Toyloy

“He’s going to rebound. One thing about Steve is he will rebound. He has to think about himself more as an offensive player. A couple of times they kept him open, and we pass him the ball and he doesn’t look at the rim. He’s a first year guy. The thing about us is we won’t use any excuses. We could talk about inexperience. We are playing a lot of new guys, and we need to overcome that with tremendous effort and hard work.”