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Dec. 19, 2009

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Cincinnati vs. Lipscomb

December 19, 2009

Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio


University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Well, I was very pleased with our effort today. That was a tremendous defensive effort by our guys. A hard fought victory against a very well coached team. They are a quality team in the mid major. They have guys that can shoot it in the perimeter. They are not an easy team to play. I was very pleased with our victory. I told our guys we would have to grind out this victory. They are picked to win their conference.”


On Slow Start

“In practice, you are making adjustments to the offense, and that is what happened. Guys weren’t looking at the rim. We forgot about shooting the basketball at the end of the offense. Once we adjusted we were fine.”


On Lineup Changes

“I’m trying to make adjustments in our team for the BIG EAST. We are trying to get a line up on the floor that can execute the offense and get stops on defense. Just because someone didn’t start today doesn’t mean they won’t start again. We are a team that has a lot of options. We are a work in progress and I think people forgot about that because of how well we played in Maui. You have to make adjustments, and we have to be a team that scores. We struggled to score. And I thought Larry Davis had a great couple of practices, and Dion Dixon gives us a great option coming off the bench. Trying to figure it out a little bit.”


On Ibrahima Thomas

“It was a tough time to get eligible with the Xavier game and going to UAB. He needed this game. He needed to get his feet. It is tough to sit a year, and then come out. I thought about starting him in the Xavier game, but it wasn’t fair to him. My plan was to get to this game and start him. His hustle is tremendous, but when you get in a game, your mistakes affect the whole team. I thought he played pretty well other than 2-for-6 from shooting left handed.”


On Yancy Gates

“He didn’t get back on defense, didn’t get a rebound, and didn’t post up. I thought Biggie goes out there every day and plays his heart out, so I thought I’d give him a chance. He came out and got three blocks, and blocks can demoralize a team.”


On Playing the Point

He is going to play both all year. It’s tough to be a freshman, but those guys will be alright. Around year, minutes are earned not promised. You want to play more, you have to play better.”


On Getting Ready for BIG EAST Conference Play

“We’re getting there because we have played a tougher schedule. I thought our effort was great in Maui but our execution was not. You have teams that are just as athletic. We can’t just rely on offensive rebounds.”


On Deonta’s Shooting

“There is no doubt he has senioritis. He wants to be a part of the team. He still has to be an All BIG EAST player if we want to compete for a BIG EAST championship. I will continue to talk to him about it, and I talked to him during the game. I appreciate him not being unselfish, but great players have no conscience, especially great shooters. You cannot hesitate. You can’t know that missed five in a row. You should know that you are due because you are a great shooter. He has let his struggles affect him. Home run hitters go through slumps and that is what I told him.



Player Quotes

Deonta Vaughn, Sr., G

On Running off Screens

“I like to play both positions. After the loss at UAB, coach asked me which position I wanted. I told him I would rather run the point. I ran it last year, and I’m more comfortable running the point. We have Cashmere with the speed and Parker with the strength. I’d rather not lose to UAB and Xavier, and be in the mode to score more.”


On Stretch of not Scoring

“It’s tough, but I know they’ll start falling. Earlier in the year, I went through the motions in practice and not scoring. Last couple of practices and working up the last three weeks, I’ve been more aggressive on the offensive end in practice. Hopefully, next game my draught will be over and I’ll be back to myself.”


On Coming Out Slow

“We didn’t come out slow. I think we just didn’t hit the open shots we had. We usually hit them, and they were hitting their shots. We stuck with it, and played great defense. We made them shoot 29.0 percent from the field for the game. Holding them to 52 is good because they average 80.”



Lipscomb University

Scott Sanderson, Head Coach

On Being Held to Season Low in Points

“Their size is so big inside. They have so many of them, and their perimeter guys don’t require a lot of help. That was a major problem for us.”


On Handling Big Guys

“We were up, and we missed four dunks. In a game like this, we have to make them. We missed some cheat baskets around the game and it makes it a tie game to down 10. We missed some easy ones that affected our energy. It was important to keep it close, and they jumped on us. You have to make the most of your opportunities. We missed a lot of easy ones. We need Josh Slater to play better. We have to have him play better in order for us to win against teams like this.”


On UC’s Depth and Size

“They are big and strong. They kept sending two and three in at a time. They are so big and strong and physical. They outweigh us by 30 pounds. They have a lot of length.”