Cincinnati-Winthrop Postgame Quotes

Dec. 22, 2009

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Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio - Cincinnati-Winthrop Postgame Quotes

University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Well obviously we played excellent basketball in the first half. We had 12 first half assists. We didn’t shoot it well from the three point line. We executed our offense as good as we had our year. Then we went on vacation in the second half. We just got sloppy with the basketball, and we lacked a little bit of maturity and focus. I was pleased with Yancy’s effort, and I was displeased with getting him the basketball in the second half. Not only did we not get him the ball, we didn’t use him as a decoy. We weren’t patient with our offense in the second half.”

On Deonta Vaughn Scoring

“He has worked hard at it. What I liked in the first half is he didn’t shoot the ball at all because he wasn’t open. He was 3-of-4 tonight, and his one miss was a shot he didn’t have balance on. He doesn’t need to force shots, and no one needs to.”

On Tired Players

“One thing is a fatigued team makes mistakes offensively. We make a lot of unforced errors. Handling success is new with our team. Sometimes I think we are over confident on offense. The fast break was just sloppy.”

On Ibrahima Thomas

“I think he played well. He was solid, and he’ll continue to improve. I thought he rushed the last one (three pointer). You should never take a challenged 22 footer. The problem is cable TV because in the NBA, they have a 24-second shot clock, and they have to. You should only take a 22 foot shot if you are a very good shooter. If someone is closing out on you, you should not shoot that shot unless it is the end of the clock.”

On Thoughts of Team Going into BIG EAST Play

“I think we have to grow up a little bit. That is what I talked to them about after the game. We have to handle success better and our maturity has to get better. We have to come to practice every day, and reach our potential as individual players. I think Steve Toyloy is giving us everything he’s got. His numbers aren’t tremendous, but he rebounds high numbers for the minutes he plays. He gives us everything he’s got on defense, and he sprints the floor. We have guys that can improve, and that starts with consistency. That is our challenge when we come back from break. We also have to have a better understanding of how teams are playing us, and a lot of that is mental. The second half wasn’t a lack of effort, but it was a lack of focus.”

On Having a Leader on the Floor

“I think what will play out is that we are a much better team. We have played a tougher schedule. Who in the BIG EAST played back to back road games against Xavier and UAB? We played three great neutral site games. We have already shown that our guys will compete at a high level. There are a lot of positives about our team, and we definitely have some guys that know how to play in tough games and in the BIG EAST. You have to be happy with wins. It is hard to get these guys to focus every night. What you have to have is enough talent to overcome it at times. We have a lot more quickness and athleticism. We have to all come to play every night and learn how to do it, and I think the sky is the limit for us. And I truly believe that.”

Player Quotes

Ibrahima Thomas, Jr., F

On Getting Into A Rhythm

“It’s tough coming back and playing in a new conference. I am playing with new players and was limited at practice. The more games I get into.”

On Coming In First for Xavier Game

“It was tough especially for me. I was overhyped. I knew it was going to be my first game since I got here. I watched the game from the airport when they played it last year. They had canceled my flight, so I knew the intensity of the game.”

Yancy Gates, So., F

On Better Performance

“Just getting ready for BIG EAST and get back into rhythm. I played like four minutes in the last game, and I wanted to get out there and make sure my rhythm wasn’t gone. I wanted to get touches.”

On Ibrahima Thomas

He opens up the paint a lot to give me room. It helps the team also.

On Strength and Weaknesses before BIG EAST

“Right now, our strength is we have the talent to play with anybody. When we are focused, we are good as anyone. I think our weaknesses are a little immaturity. We are a little young at times, and we have to get back to rebounding the way we did in Maui. Those are things we can correct with a little bit of time.”

Winthrop University

Randy Peele, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“First of all, I want to congratulate Cincinnati for the game. For our team, it was a tale of two halves. Going into the game, we had a couple of goals. The first was we had to do an unbelievable job of getting back into transition defense. With their point guards, they buzz the ball up the floor. The other thing was you have to be so good at guarding the ball. I Know they have sets, but where they hurt you, is their ability to make plays off the dribble. Lastly on the glass. We have had our share of wins, but that is what we set out to do. They just killed us in the first half on the glass. It was men playing with boys.”

On Defending Gates

“The problem with defending him is you either have to be a total front or be behind him. If he catches it, at least he has to make a play over you. His size bothered us because he is hard to get in front of.”

On Ibrahima Thomas

“He was very good. I knew his length was an issue, and keep in mind, we have played four games in the last week. I thought he stepped out and shout the ball facing the basket. When he was away from the basket, he shot it way better than what I thought he would be able to.”

On Lance Stephenson

He is a scorer deluxe. The guy I had on him was the defensive player of the year in our conference. I think he dribbles the ball a lot to shoot the basket. He is extremely quick for his size. He is a tough match up. Because of his size, he has an ability to shoot over him. In an ideal world, if you are going to defend him, you better put a bigger guy on him. He can make his moves, when he raises it up; it is hard to get him. He is a terrific player.”