UC-Chicago State Postgame Quotes

Dec. 23, 2011

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Chicago State at Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Dec. 23, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin
Opening statement:
“I was disappointed for the fans. We spent too much time on defense in the second half because we didn’t box out. They did a good job of getting the ball inside against our zone. Their offensive rebounds kept us on the defense too long and we weren’t able to get enough field goal attempts to get 100 points for the third straight game. That would have been fun for the guys to be in the record books. Really for all the people that came out to support us thru this stretch of games. I really appreciate it. Thank you and Merry Christmas to them. We wanted to get it for them as much as possible.

“Even though we shot 46 percent from the three-point line, I guess I’m getting spoiled, but you start thinking you are going to make every open shot. We had some great looks that didn’t go down. We’ve got some things to work on. We played some zone tonight just to get some practice and practice our zone. Instead of practicing against each other all the time. Try to practice it extensively against another team so we can get it on film and show our guys some things we need to work on.  We’ve got a lot of stuff to work on. Mainly, we have to keep the ball out of the paint. As much fun as we are having, we are the smallest team in America for two more games. With Justin in there, you are almost playing 4-and-a-half guards. He’s only 6-7, he can block shots but when it becomes a tip drill around the rim and it’s a matter of stand and reach, we’ve got issues. We have to get that ball passed back out. Interior shots lead to volleyball on the glass, and that is something we have to eliminate before next Thursday.”

On UC’s next game against Oklahoma:
“It’s going to be a challenge.  Hopefully, everyone that hasn’t gone to Memphis for the bowl and wants to see a great game, we need all the support we can get. Oklahoma is 8-1 or 9-1 with a great coach and a very good team. We need a home court advantage. We need to take the underdog mentality into this game. Our guys need to understand that that is our edge right now. We need to keep it for the rest of the season. I haven’t seen Oklahoma yet, we played them last year so I know their personnel. They were young last year. They seem to really have their confidence going.”

On if UC is shooting too many three-pointers:
“Not if you continue to shoot 46 percent. If you do the math, with the extra point, we are shooting a little over 60 percent. It’s an issue if you can’t make them. This team gave it to us tonight. Wright State packed it in. It is a big part of what we do right now. Being able to stretch the defense and stretch people out. I’d like to be able to rebound more of our misses but that is our life right now as Bearcats. We are a small team. What I’d like to do is get more layups. I think our running off of defensive rebounds needs to improve.  Our outlet passing with Kelvin and Justin, I don’t know if we are getting tired or got the lead. We really have to use fatigue against our opponent and get the ball outletted and keep a pace going that bigger teams can’t stick with.”

On Kelvin Gaines getting seven blocks and seven rebounds:
“Kelvin is getting quality minutes and it’s going to pay off for us. It’s going to help our team. He’s learning to play through a little bit of fatigue and that’s been an issue for him. When he gets tired, he struggles mentally.  He shuts down physically and mentally. It has been a valuable stretch for him.”

No. 23 - Sean Kilpatrick, G
On trying to get 100 points:
“Bad, because Coach was saying that it would be the first time in like a hundred and something years that that happened I think (first time ever). So that would have been big but it was great to get the win.”

On whether the team was trying to get 100 points:
“Yeah, once we looked up we saw our teammates and they were like, ‘10 more points left, come on we have to get this.’ We were trying, but it obviously didn’t happen.”

On worrying if hot shooting wearing off with big games coming up:
“No not really because we know what to expect going deeper into the schedule with the older guys. I think the younger guys are doing a great job with our game plan and everything so with them knowing what they are doing, we should be fine.”

On moving on to tougher competition:
“We know now, that going deeper into the schedule with the bigger name teams that we are going to be playing, there is a lot more executing and a lot more defense and a lot more details that we have to pay attention to. It was great to play these teams that we played but I think everyone now needs to realize that it is kind of like crunch time now so that will get everything on a roll.”

On feeling better about his team compared to two weeks ago:
“I have always felt great about our team. Every team has ups and downs and every team has some times when things aren’t going our way but if we are able to come through at the end and come together and basically know that we are a team and nothing can come between that then we should be fine.”

On hot shooting for the team in recent games:
“It is a lot different. Playing four guards, that is key, especially on the three-point range. Everyone on our team can shoot and that is something we practice every day in practice.” 

No. 14 - Ge’Lawn Guyn, G
On getting more playing time:
“I think it is truly a blessing. I just want to thank God first. We have been working hard, the freshmen. The older guys have been pushing us, just getting us better every day in practice so it is really no surprise. We have been working hard.”

On playing in a less structured offense and just going out and playing:
“Yeah, it is very comfortable. Just being out there, playing your game, it is great.”

Chicago State head coach Tracy Dildy
Opening statement:
“Cincinnati has really taken it to a whole other level. I really like that four guard offense. Where they pick and pop and these are some of the best shooters, when you talk about how many shooters they have, that we have faced all year. We have played some teams that have some really good shooters but we haven’t played a team that had shooter after shooter after shooter. We saw legitimately, six really good shooters off this team.”

On plan to slow down Cincinnati:
“We had watched film on every game they have played and paid a lot of attention to the last game against Arkansas-Pine Bluff. What we wanted to do is not let them get comfortable and we started the game in what we call our tight, where we were supposed to be trapping all over the court. Well, that didn’t work. So then, we basically came back and just threw everything we had at them. We played man. We played switching man. We played straight-up man. We played every zone we know about. We played the three –two. We played the two-three. We played the one-three-one. When you talk about a team where their confidence level is right now with shooting that ball and especially in this building, it is going to be hard for some people to beat them.”