Postgame Quotes - Cincinnati vs. Chicago State

Dec. 23, 2013

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Chicago State vs. Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Mick Cronin

Opening statement:
“I’m happy with a few things tonight - our rebounding and our assist total. We set a school record for rebound margin and we have been playing basketball here for over 100 years so it’s something to be proud of I guess. Offensively, I was really happy the way we passed the ball. I thought we were really looking for each other and Titus Rubles, especially, was really playing unselfish basketball. He wasn’t worried about his scoring. Jermaine Sanders, I thought, was the key when the game was a game in the first half. He was by far the MVP, had a double-double at halftime. He knocked in some big shots and had 11 rebounds at half and seven were offensive.”

On Jermaine Sanders being more assertive:
“It’s just a process. I have asked Ge’Lawn (Guyn), Sean (Kilpatrick), Justin (Jackson), and Titus (Rubles) - the older guys on the team - to tell him that he has got to look to shoot when he is open. He is a great dirty work guy for us as well. His offensive rebounding against Pittsburgh was key and his rebounding tonight was key and the same thing from Shaq Thomas. You just got to continue to develop your team you can’t be a one man band or a two man band. It’s important for him to continue to progress and develop.”

On if Jermaine Sanders is shy and what does he do about that:
“Yes and Shaq Thomas is the same way. Part of their problem is they are such good guys and I have to be careful coaching them because they get down on themselves. When they miss a shot, they get to self-conscious. Now Jermaine Sanders the last few games has not heisted one time. Shaq Thomas still hangs his head and let’s one mistake bother him. It’s something I have to continue to work with him on. You have to make the next play if you turn it over, go block the next shot. If you miss a shot, go get the rebound.”

On breaking the school’s rebounding margin:
“When it’s going on you really don’t even realize that they didn’t have a player get an offensive rebound. They had three team offensive rebounds and not one of their players got an offensive rebound. So I guess Nebraska will be doing box-out drills. Tim Miles is a great guy. All we did was motivate them. It’s going to be a lot harder on Saturday, obviously. He has a young team. Nebraska is a solid team this year and they have almost all of them back next year.”

On their ball movement:
“It’s the best it’s been no question. We got the ball moving. I always say that bad shots are contagious and being unselfish is contagious too. I thought Titus (Rubles) especially, Ge’Lawn (Guyn) and Sean (Kilpatrick) were sharing the ball and making the extra pass. We were making the next pass and it became contagious. That’s what we’ve got to get to in order to develop offensively. Somebody has to start it though. I keep talking about Titus Rubles because he had 11 deflections tonight out of our 36. He was our leader in assist as well; blocked three shots and leads us in steals. So many people talk about points in basketball and that doesn’t mean that’s always the most valuable player on our team. I thought his effort was great and Jermaine Sanders’ rebounding was great as well. But this was by far the best we have shared the ball and we were looking the throw the extra pass tonight.”        

#5, Justin Jackson, F
On Jermaine Sanders confidence:
"He just had to get comfortable. He has went from playing 10-15 minutes a game to playing 20 plus minutes a game. He is all about just being comfortable and that is what he did. He was comfortable and he played how we know he can play."

On how much of a welcome it is when Jermaine Sanders plays like that:
"We expect it like I always say about my other teammates. I know what my teammates can do. When I see Jermaine doing that, I expect that. When I don't get it, I am mad about it because I know what he can do."

On dominating a team on the boards like that:
"We want to get every rebound every game and every possession. We just did that today."

On what he takes from a game like this:
"I take it as a day of practice, not taking anything away from Chicago State. We just need to practice on what we need to do to get ready for conference and Nebraska. We did the little things that we needed to do like rebounding. That was our main focus. We aren't the biggest or smallest team in the world, but we are athletic and we have guys that can rebound. That is what we did."

#23, Sean Kilpatrick, G
On breaking the school record in rebounding margin:
"We are just trying to get better every game. That is just something that we strive on. We have so much athleticism. It helps us because the guards can rebound and we can start our break. When Jermaine (Sanders) rebounds, we just have to run. He is going to wind up hitting us on the outlets. It is pretty nice that we set a record though."

On why games like today are fun:
"I was happy to see Dave (Nyarsuk) score. He puts in the same amount of time that everyone else does. When he scores, that is just like a relief because it is tough to get him into the game because of the matchup difficulties with him being 7-foot-1."

#15, Jermaine Sanders, F
On if he knew he had a double-double at halftime:
"No, I didn't know."

On what it means to get a double-double:
"It means a lot. It helps my team when I rebound and score. That is good and a plus."

On if Mick talked to him about being more active:
"Yeah, he has. He told me to be aggressive. If I have an open shot, to take it and be confident in my game."

On if he wasn't that confident before:
"I was confident, but I just had to get comfortable."

Chicago State head coach, Tracy Dildy
On the game:
“I would like to thank God for this opportunity.
Coming into today, we talked about their offensive rebounding ability. We played this team at the wrong time. After watching their last game, in the second half I could tell they figured it out. They are going to be a tough team. They are going to be a good team.

"We didn’t turn the ball over a bunch, but when we did they made us look to speed up. It is forcing teams to speed up. That is what they did. They took us out of everything. They are just so much more superior than us when you talk about athleticism, confidence, and every aspect.

"Mick does a great job with this team. I love this team they have. They have shooters. They have athleticism. They have height, and they are well coached. We waited for the wrong time to catch this team here. I wish we could have caught them a few weeks earlier.

"I am still proud of my guys. They gave everything they had. We did that. We prepared our guys. It is easy to prepare it on the board versus actually getting out there and going against a long, athletic team. It showed. This was our first game this year where it was this lopsided.

"We appreciate it that Cincinnati paid us to come over and play. I think the world of Mick. I think the world of the program and the history of Cincinnati basketball. I want to wish everybody happy holidays and Merry Christmas. Our guys finally will get some time off and get back with their families.

"It doesn’t get any easier for us. We have Creighton next Sunday. It doesn’t get any easier for us. I can tell you that we aren’t going to see this type of athleticism anymore on our schedule. I feel really relieved about that. We have to go back to the drawing board and give our guys to get home, be with their families and regroup. Coaches want to regroup. We are going to come back and get ready for Creighton and get ready for the WAC. That is what the big picture is. We are trying to win our conference. That is the whole big picture.

"I love my guys and our guys gave everything they had. This team (UC) was just so much more superior from the athleticism, the depth, and the shooting. This is a legit high-major division one team.”