Postgame Quotes - Connecticut at Cincinnati

Dec. 30, 2009

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Cincinnati vs. Connecticut

December 30, 2009

Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio


University of Cincinnati

Mick Cronin, Head Coach


Opening Statement

“Typical BIG EAST game. It didn’t take us long. I watched West Virginia-Marquette last night, and this was just as exciting and heart pounding. I thought two of their guys played tremendous games. They both are NBA players, and they have stayed around long enough to allow Coach Calhoun make them into players. Our guys were awesome. We were able to persevere. It wasn’t pretty. We got outrebounded in the first half. I told them at halftime that if we outrebounded them in the second, that we would win the game. Luckily, Lance made a great last play and made me look smart. There were a couple of things that we didn’t do great, but at the end of the day, we did what we needed to do to win. Great win for us.”


On Last Play

“I saw a lot of contact early before he got into the lane. I thought it was pretty obvious once he got into the lane. I am bias though.”


On Win

“One of your goals is to win our conference games at home. I think for a lot of reasons this is a good win for us. We have had to rebuild our program and we are to a point where we look like UConn. It is nice as a coach to get to a point where we look like the other team. They didn’t block any of our shots tonight. For the last couple of years, we had to run around shooting threes to match up. We will see them again and hopefully we’ll make it another war. We have a lot of games to win; it is a marathon, not a sprint.”


On Lance Being at the Line

“I wasn’t really worried to be honest. He had two to make one. He is a pretty tough kid. That would be an understatement. One thing, he is going to show up on game night. He is young like all young players, and he gets over aggressive at times. Locking in and being tough, is not something I worry about with him.”


On Worrying About Response with Vaughn Not In

“A little bit. I was worried about Cash in that position because he didn’t have any minutes in the second half. I was confident with Dion Dixon. He is a guy that could play the point for us if we needed it. Obviously, I don’t want Deonta fouling out of games. He has to stop reaching in.”


On Responding for Rutgers

“Your players don’t have the same respect. Our guys understand that they saw Rutgers play North Carolina. They know that they are in the BIG EAST, and that they came in here and were up 14 last year. I will remind them about all of these things. A mature team is a team that can hang around all year from game to game. We have to make sure Steve and Deonta are senior leaders, and guys like Rashad are focused. The teams that are picked toward the bottom are better than expected and that will show.”


On Offense

“Although we played well in Maui and we are a couple overtimes away from having one loss, we can’t do what we want to do in the BIG EAST if he isn’t going to be the player he has been for three years. He had to get into practice and get his rhythm back. Deonta has a big night for us. One thing about conference play is that it is so physical that you can’t rely on young players.”





Player Quotes

Deonta Vaughn, Sr., G

On Lance Being at the line

“I was thinking ‘Lord let him make this shot.’ It is a tough situation to be in as a freshman. We shoot those types of shots in practice as a pressure shot. We have been shooting a lot of free throws, and he has been excellent in practice. I was hoping he would get the first one.”


On Beating UConn

“It means a lot. First time, my sophomore year we had them beat and had a silly foul at the end. To beat them for the first time, it means a lot. We were more focused today, and we knew what we had to do to win.”


On Quality Wins
“Beating three top 25 teams is good for us. Losing to two non-top 25 is not good for our record. We have to continue building from this game, and we have to play against Rutgers like we did against UConn.”


On Having Big Lead and having Resilience.

“There is a lot of time in the game. UConn has three great scorers that can get from end to end. We just kept our composure and played right and made the right decisions. We were matching them. It is a college game and everyone wants to win. There was a lot of intensity, and focus.”


On Getting shooting form back

“Yeah. It starts in practice. I’m practicing hard and shooting the ball more in practice. I’m not passing up open shots. I’m doing everything right in practice and it shows up in games.”


Lance Stephenson, Fr., F

On The Last Play

“Xavier game I took a bad three point shot, and I felt like Coach said I needed to drive the ball. Today I did that, and it worked. And we won the game. Yeah, I think I got fouled. He forced me left, so I spun and the big man ran into me. I knew there was one second left and I knew there was a foul.”


On Guarding Their Big Scorers

“They are tough players. They are very aggressive and they can make easy baskets. I tried to make it tough for them every time they got the ball.”




Connecticut Head Coach

Jim Calhoun, Head Coach

Opening Statement

“First off, my congratulations to Lance Stephenson for making the two foul shots at the end of the game. He stood up and did it. You aren’t going to get everything to work the way you want it to. Thus we go home with a loss, which is not the way you want to start in the BIG EAST.”


On Lance Stephenson

“He is a talented kid. He can score. He is strong, nice body, and he competes. He steps up in a rough spot, which is hard.”


On The Final Play

“I just look at the replay. I haven’t seen it so I have no idea.”